Ecom Chief Review (Ani Nandi)

Ani Nandi has been taking advantage of the technological boom since the pandemic. This new technology has increased the ability for people to make money online through the increased digitalization of business processes. For example, the eCommerce boom has been extraordinary. However, Ani says, “Setting up an online business isn’t still easy, especially if you don’t have any previous experience or anything.” But Ani and the Ecom Chief claim to have you covered! You can learn more about them in my review below.

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In this Ecom Chief review, I want to explore the man Ani Nandi and what his company offers its students. So far, I have learned that his company offers read-made stores for you to purchase so you can quickly start your online business journey. Anyway, Ani (himself) has a Business Administration degree and used what he learned to start his own business. Now, he offers

turnkey businesses in more than 50 different niches. Ani will let you choose any store from within these niches to get started with. For example, some stores include video gaming, Bluetooth speakers, clothing, sunglasses, watches, and more. Some stores even sell books and affiliate material, so you can earn a commission from each sale. Anyways, the point is you have so many stores to choose from, and they are ready to go. Ani says, “The goal is for you to stop working 9-5 so you can reach financial freedom to enjoy the things you love to do. Let’s continue…

So what platform do these guys use? They are using the widely popular Shopify. Each store costs around $199, and when you head over to their website, you will notice a limited-time offer stating, “Buy 2 for $299 and 3 for $399”. Personally, I don’t think that’s a bad deal at all. Oh, Ani and his team claim they’ll do all the work for you, so you only need to wait for the money to come in (ya right). To make this deal even sweeter, the team will ensure you control the whole thing by transferring ownership to you when you purchase the store. Anyways,

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I think this sounds too good to be true. Seriously, you have to sit back and collect money…really? (lol). The estimated profit margin is around 200% to 300%. But keep in mind you have ongoing expenses for these stores. First, the  $29 monthly fee covers your basic Shopify account, hosting, and SSL certification. This monthly fee also gives you access to eCommerce blogs, videos and tutorials with Shopify 24/7 support…not wrong, right. Now, you can let Ani and his team know if you have a preferred niche you don’t see in the list. These guys say they will gladly assist you, but it won’t be at the same price. Why? Because these guys will have to go out and build a store, contact suppliers and transfer anything they have to you, it can take  2-4 weeks to create a store from scratch.

Next, Ani and the Ecom Chief team offer social media marketing packages to bring in money. These guys offer a total of three (3) packages silver ($149), gold ($249), and platinum ($449). The only difference between these packages is the number of subscribers you get included. Also, these guys claim that each view is organic, meaning natural, allowing you to get a lot of eyeballs and increasing your credibility. The team will also take over your product promotion so you can sit back and enjoy life as you have always wanted. Ani says, “My team has over 10+ years of experience running online businesses, and we have helped hundreds of people along the way, some of them with no experience at all.” I guess Ani is trying to say that Ecom Chief is always on your side, so you are NOT alone. I guess this is their strong point because these guys have a 9.8/10 on the US-Reviews website.

Ecom Chief has researched and done all the work for you, so you don’t have to worry about the hard stuff. In other words, these guys have simplified the entire process for you by providing the marketing tools, resources and training so you can confidently enter this industry. With lifetime support, ensure you are on the right track for your eCommerce journey. With that said,

If you think your store can use different products, no problem because you can add your own as you wish. Ani says, “If you are looking for a fully functional online store that you can own and start your business with, the Ecom Chief can do this for you.” You can learn about different recommendations by clicking the orange button.

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