eBay Dropshipping Reviews: Still Worth It In 2023?

Many people use Shopify to dropship products because this is the norm; however, Paul J Lipsky helps people make money doing it on eBay, which has been very successful. You see, if you are starting your business, then eBay dropshipping is the way to go because you can get started for cheap. The initial cost is NOT a lot, so your profits are much higher. After, you can start thinking about other ways to dropship. Here’s the thing: Paul J Lipsky thinks many people have it wrong because they are using the wrong approach when it comes to dropshipping in 2020. He is here to show you what does work in 2023, so continue reading for my FULL eBay drop ship review.

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So, before we go any further, if you are NOT familiar with eBay dropshipping, here is a quick overview. Suppose a customer named Michelle is buying something on eBay for $100. Now, guess who is selling her the item…you are. But the cool thing is you don’t have this item on you and don’t even touch the product. When Michelle places the order, you will find it and ship it directly to her. You profit by making more off the product than you are selling it for. So, you purchase it from the supplier for less and sell it for more, pocketing the difference. The process is exceptionally lucrative because you make money and everyone is HAPPY in the transaction. For example, Michelle gets what she wants, the supplier makes money, and you pocket a good amount of money too. Another cool thing is that this is a NO HEADACHE business because you have NO inventory, no shipping, no website, and you don’t need to invest any of your money upfront.

Paul believes the process is so simple that anyone (even you) can make money dropshipping on eBay. And, once you make your first sale, you will want to do it more and more, making even more considerable sums of money. But I know what the critics are saying: “isn’t eBay dead” and “aren’t people using Shopify, Amazing, and Etsy?” Yes, people are using those networks, but eBay still owns a significant market share in 2023 and continues to make changes so you can sell your items better and faster. So, eBay is alive and well!

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In the end, many people still shop on eBay, and other platforms have one major disadvantage, a lack of traffic. On the other hand, eBay has built up a massive following over the years so that you can get your items in front of millions of people quickly. Shopify isn’t a marketplace, but eBay is, so they already have an advantage. Paul knows what question you will ask next “Shouldn’t I just go and sell on Amazon and Walmart because they both have major traffic too?” Well, they are smaller in terms of marketplaces but have more competition, so it’s a lose-lose situation for you. Paul also says there are many more positives to selling on eBay, for example:

eBay is much more laid back with sellers than other networks. The regulations are more laid back, so you don’t have to worry about your account being banned, like on Amazon. Imagine setting up your entire business and selling products just to have your account banned after a month. So, Paul has sold you on dropshipping through eBay, but how do you get started? First, register an account on eBay, and enter your bank details to get paid whenever you make a sale. Next,

It’s time to think about the type of selling you will be doing. For example, will you be retail selling or wholesaling? Personally, wholesaling is less competitive, and you can make enormous profits. However, Paul recommends doing wholesale because you can make much more and find inventory easily on the site Inventory Source. Take some time to check out the products and contact suppliers. You can choose one to test on eBay to find out the type of response you get from customers. You can test the copy, images, pricing, and whatever else will help close the deal. Then, when someone places an order, you can head over to the supplier and submit your order inputting the customer’s address to send it to them directly.