Duda Review (Agency Owners)…Is It Worth It?

Is your website agency not performing the way you want it to? Is the software your using to build your agency driving you crazy? If you answered “yes,” get Duda says the MOST recent ad I’ve seen on theirs. They have some white-label tools that are perfect for your brand and will allow you to design unique websites for yourself, your clients and help you with all your reporting needs. The website you design will also be Google speed optimized for performance and more. If you want to LEARN more about this tool and the pricing, keep reading my Duda website review!

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Duda claims it doesn’t matter if you are a small agency with a few employees or have hundreds because this suite is RIGHT for you. It allows you to design done-for-you websites and run a pay-per-lead model; the point is the Duda templates, reporting, and ease of use will save you hundreds of hours so you can start to make many from your clients. Oh, and I did tell you about the white-label thing, right? I have played around with Duda, and I am happy to say their product is NOT crap; it’s a well-designed application with a handful of powerful features. And it’s priced pretty well for someone just starting (I will talk about pricing after). So, here’s what we do…

In my own business, we generate leads for different types of clients. We have been using Weebly to do all our design work for landing pages. It did the job, but the process became tedious, and the templates were horrible ☹. Anyways…

I saw an ad for Duda and signed up to see what types of templates they offer and was impressed by what I could design. Duda allowed me to quickly build templates for plumbing, electricians, roofing, and more. They also had so many fantastic features I didn’t know I needed until I tried them. Here are some other things worth mentioning:

Duda Review: Should You Use It?


The design was way more professional than what Weebly provided, and these templates were optimized for mobile, which is essential nowadays. I quickly added buttons and created custom call-to-actions, which is also important when doing lead generation for clients. “Add forms, generate reports, make changes, and change layouts in just a few clicks” Now, here’s something else which impressed me greatly. I think it is absolutely essential to add to my Duda review. First, this software understands the importance of being optimized for Google and automatically does MOST of the SEO part for you. This means you can get organic page traffic within a few weeks. Next, they optimize for speed, which you know is a ranking factor in Google now. After hearing just these two (2) things, I never returned to Weebly, Wix, Square, and Webflow (I mean never). Just to be clear,

I still use WordPress, and MOST of my client’s entire websites are built using it; however, for lead generation, you need drag n drop type of stuff, so Duda does the job. However, for blogs and other stuff, I use WordPress. Here’s some advice: when choosing a platform to use, it’s important to know the purpose of that work. For example, use Duda to design a 1-2 page website. Still, for everything else that’s larger, you should you WordPress because this platform gives you complete control by allowing you to add plugins with the click of your mouse. Here are my final thoughts about the Duda website builder.

I love the software because it can do many things you need quickly and for a reasonable price. I mean, the primary builder is like $19.00 monthly, a fraction of the price other tools charge you. I think you should try it out if you are starting and have to keep an eye on your spending until you start racking on the profits…then you can explore other tools if that’s what you want to do. Now, I am not making any money from promoting Duda, and you’ll notice I also have no affiliate link to this page. Anyways, click on the link below if you want to LEARN how to use Duda to build your marketing agency quickly. The link will also take you to my favourite program!

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