Digital Tentmaking Reviews (Cory, Bobby, Rob)

The Digital Tentmaking program has many faces and has changed many lives. For example, Cory Long has been using this system to grow his business for years. The Digital Tentmaking program was designed for Christians who want to invest more time serving others and building the Kingdom. It was designed for those who want a safety net for themselves and their families—specifically for those who want to please God. However, I know many people still have questions about this program, like: what does a digital tentmaker do? And will this program help the average person build something special? In this article, we will answer these questions. Also, don’t forget to check out the following – Digital Storefronts review.

First, Cory Long has been in your shoes before, meaning having a hard time looking for a way to make passive income. Oh, this was 5 years ago! He kept asking himself the following questions: Which opportunities are the real deal? Which ones are not? Also, could he trust any of these people promoting the programs they are? In the end, it always comes down to finding a way to make a change for the better. So what happens next, you ask…

Cory and his wife worked hard to find an automated income stream which would allow them to do the work they love, i.e. ministry full-time, and not have to worry about living paycheck to paycheck. So, now that they had a vision, a path, and the motivation, they wanted to find a way to get where they had to go. However, Cory and his wife didn’t want to be part of a brick and mortar business because they had been part of one before, and it didn’t work out the way they wanted it to. The business lost money and took way too much time to keep them away from the ministry. This all changed when Cory discovered digital tentmaking. Cory loved the concept and believed it was something anyone could do, even with little experience. You need the drive and motivation to use what you learn.

Now quickly, Cory has been doing this for some time and has the financial, time, and location freedom. He teaches this program to others with his partner Bobby Stocks. Cory joined with Bobby because he is a paid ads specialist who spends a quarter million a month buying up media. Not to mention, Bobby is a 2-time Comma Club award winner. He also works with Rob Sekel, aka The Silent GOAT, a marketing master. OK, so let’s get down to business… how does all of this work?

It all starts with local businesses, and Cory will give you a massive list of them around your area. The next step is to teach you how to build digital stores or tents to generate high-quality leads (potential clients), and then you move on to SEO to get these stores ranked at the top of Google. Trust me; these are some of the best leads because you are no longer paying for advertising.

Digital Tentmaking Reviews (Cory, Bobby, Rob)


Bobby then shows you how to supplement some of that organic traffic with paid ads to drive in leads and generate massive profits. Did you know that Bobby’s proven system will generate leads under ten (10) bucks, no matter the industry? Then, you scale with a personalized marketing strategy to close other local store owners and continue to expand, providing them with leads, etc. The last step is where you learn how to close equity deals so you can cash in!

Now I have to tell you that this is just the beginning because you can also do much more, which Bobby and his boys will teach you. Plus, these guys keep adding to this program, so you will always have ways to grow and scale. Now, the Digital Tentmaking program is by invitation only and Cory, Bobby and Rob don’t want you in the program, or your money, if they don’t think you can be helped. Personally, from what I have heard, they don’t even need your money because they do everything they teach you. However, if you are still skeptical, then check out my other favorite program by hitting the orange button below.