Cory Long Review (Digital Storefronts)

Many people talk about God’s Kingdom and wanting to help people become successful; however, very few people do it. Cory Long has an impressive history of helping pastors, ministers, and fellow Christians earn enough to help those close to them. Because of Cory, these people can help their families, which is the end goal for everyone…right? Cory Long has been where you are in the past, meaning he bought all these courses, tried different MLMs, and even invested in starting his own business. However, no matter what he tried, he did fail at many of them. It’s important to tell you that some did great but couldn’t generate the income he wanted to. So, what happened next? He eventually started doing stuff online and learned through failure until he made little money. The problem was this, Cory Long didn’t like the products he was selling, nor was he passionate about the industry he was involved in. He was working with people who also had very little success, so he decided to shut the whole system down until he could find something special. I encourage you to read the following – Digital Landlord Review (Modern Millionaire)

So, let’s get to it; the DSE Offer System is unique because you allow business owners to rent storefronts from you for around $500 – $1500 per month. The more stores you rent out, the more you can make. The margins are impressive, and you don’t need any prior design or coding experience to get involved. Also, the main thing is that the competition in this area is pretty low, so you have many opportunities to build on this. But, I have to tell you, Cory explains, “you have to be hard working and shouldn’t expect to get rich overnight because it does NOT work like this. You have to put some serious effort in, and you will get rewarded big time”. Before I continue, I’m sure you are wondering how this works…

Cory Long Review (Digital Storefronts)


Step 1 is to go out and find high-ticket local stores/businesses. The key, however, is to find at least one store where a customer will be worth 10K to the business, etc. For example, landscaping, roofers, concrete contractors, etc. Then focus on cities; I recommend medium-sized because you can make good money in these cities. Avoid the more prominent cities because the competition will be through the roof. Step 2 is to build a simple website (images, text, email, etc.), and Step 3 is to put in some work to get it ranked in Google local listings and the organic search section. Even though it requires some work, ranking your website is pretty easy because you are listed in a mid-size city with low competition. Also, there are a small number of businesses where you are targeting, and they don’t know about this marketing stuff. So, if you choose your niche wisely and optimize your website correctly, you can be ranked in Google within a few days/weeks. Trust me; it has been tried and tested!

Now we will move on to Step 4, where you contact these small businesses and have them pay you for the calls (leads) you are sending them. Not to worry. Because Cory has a surefire way to get these businesses hooked quickly, he will teach you these ways in his training. I have explained a basic overview of the Digital Storefronts process. If you ask me, the system is pretty impressive and one of the BEST work-from-home businesses I have heard of in a while.

Now Cory Long wants to sweeten the deal, so if you invest in his program and take him on as a mentor, he will build one of these digital storefronts for you and will LEARN their tenant attraction method to generate leads quickly. You will also have weekly group sessions where they answer your concerns along the way. You need to book a call with Cory and his team to know the program’s cost. They do have some fantastic reviews online. So should you become a digital tentmaker? Yeah, why not.

If you want to get involved in a business with a proven system, then the DSE Offer is a fantastic choice. I recommend you get in touch with Cory Long to find out more. You can also view some of the GREAT results people have had with this program by clicking the Orange button below. After, you will have the option to check out my other favorite program.