Digital Millionaire Secrets Review (Dan Henry)

Did you hear about the five (5) KEYs to scaling your digital products? If not, don’t worry; you are part of the 50% of people who haven’t. But Dan Henry has studied them and used them to scale his e-business to over 50,000 customers…WOW. Dan Henry has a system where customers freak out if they don’t buy from him, and his company is also straightforward to run. He has virtually no support tickets and is doubling conversions by 90% through his fully optimized funnel. So how does he do this? Well, stay tuned to read my Digital Millionaire Secrets review.

Many people like Dan Henry because he has a brash style of doing things. He also has the part playboy and dork look but makes millions; however, he is extremely humble about what he makes. Many say that they don’t like his in-your-face marketing style like with countdown timers, etc, but this style works and has generated massive results. And if he takes you on, you can learn a lot from him! So, here’s the game plan…

SECRET 1 is always to do a scale test. How? Create a minimum viable product/service and run some tests. If you sell that perfectly and always keep track of the ROAS. What is the ROAS? You want to ensure you get 8x the return on your investment or what you put into developing the product/service. This can also be 8x the price of the product. However, if you get 2x or 3x during the test phase, put the breaks on the marketing and let it go. Now, let’s move on to SECRET 2, which is to charge a high ticket. When you charge high, you will avoid getting lower-level people who don’t want to invest in marketing. The people who can afford the high price will most likely see the results you promise. This way, they are happy, and you are happy! These people will also show you their appreciation, and you can gross less and still net more which is attributed to the fact that you will get fewer refunds and chargebacks. Did you know that the fewer refunds, the more acceleration toward millionaire status?

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SECRET 3 is to switch what you have to a more straightforward funnel. Get rid of the webinar because they are boring and take a lot to set up. People also have to do much more, like opting in, checking emails, etc. Dan Henry is vocal about the fact that he prefers video ads or any ads more than opt-ins. Many top marketing gurus have eliminated opt-ins because providing people with a simple video makes it easier for them to gain value.

Now, as far as SECRETS 4 and 5 go, you have to head over to his website and browse to learn what you have to. On his website, you can even apply for Dan’s Digital Millionaire Coaching program. The funny thing is he doesn’t say how much it costs, which is a bit strange. However, based on what I have read about his program, it’s not cheap. So, you should check it out and determine if it would be worth the investment. Dan’s program is for those people who can sell and market their expertise, and if you are someone like that, then no matter what this program costs, it would be worth it.

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