Digital Lead Investing Review (Growth Cave)

The founder of Growth Cave and Productized Business Mastermind is an individual by the name of Lucas Lee-Tyson. He markets through creative YouTube ads, and his MOST recent one claims he knows where everyone should be investing $1000.00 RIGHT now. Lucas says to forget about real estate, crypto, and the stock market because these areas are so risky and saturated. Instead, he wants you to invest with him and an asset he has, which allowed him to go from a broke college student to a multimillionaire. Now, before I continue to read…

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Now, Lucas claims he became a millionaire without risking any of his own money and before age 25 (not sure if I believe him). This training which he calls Digital Lead Investing, he claims, has helped over 150 ordinary people find the financial freedom and who once thoughts it was impossible. Lucas says, “These people are making 5K, 10K, 15K per month and it’s also recurring income”. I’m not sure if I believe him about this either. Now,

Lucas says he is shocked that people still want to invest in stocks and crypto when something like this SECRET system exists out there. He claims the Digital Lead Investing system is a great opportunity, primarily when very little competition exists. This opportunity can offer financial freedom to so many people. Lucas says, “this is an amazing opportunity for anyone looking to get into business without investing any of their own money.” To sell his idea even more, Lucas will host a live case study which is FREE! Get started by clicking anywhere around this video, registering, and attending. I got a little sneaky myself and decided to attend, and here’s what I uncovered…

Lucas promises free training, but this is not training; it’s a sales pitch…oh and it wasn’t even live…lol. The whole point of this video was to get you to buy his course, which I hate because it’s misleading…right? The course is a “2-step process” for earning 5K monthly and is hand-free. So, the first step is to find mid-small businesses looking to scale and need more customers. The second step is to set up social media ad campaigns to drive more leads to them. These small businesses then pay you a small fee per lead or hire on a month-to-month. This is a model I have heard before; there’s nothing new to it. Lucas is selling an old model, which gurus have been pushing for years (just read my other reviews). But I still have to give this guy some credit…why?

Lucas Lee-Tyson Shares His Wisdom on How to Thrive in the Digital Economy


Look how far it got me in the video; I watched it, so he’s doing something right. I know better because I’ve been in marketing for so long. If Lucas had said, ” Do you want to learn how to push Facebook ads, ” I probably would have left immediately. Now, I like the sales pitch, but not what he’s claiming because he says there is no investment, but advertising on these big platforms can cost thousands of dollars. Also, it’s not passive because you have to prospect, build funnels, etc. In terms of the business model?

I agree; billions of businesses need help advertising, especially when everything is online. These businesses will pay for ads on Facebook, Instagram, and even TikTok, but you have them find them first. If you know how to market and have experience, you can make a ton of money, but this business model requires investment and work to get off the ground. Anyway, here are my final thoughts,

I don’t know if you can trust Lucas because he lied about not having to invest money and put in work right off the bat, so you have to wonder what else he has up his sleeves. The business model itself is great, but marketers have been doing it for years. So, if you know what you are doing and have time/money to spend, this is a great business model to be a part of. However, there are many free training videos available on YouTube. For example, by doing a quick search for “lead generation,” you can find videos on Google and Facebook marketing. You will also find in-depth videos on creating engaging funnels utilizing a tool called Clickfunnels by Russell Brunson. Also, by clicking the orange button below, check out the other FREE training on this business model.

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