Digital Landlord Review (Modern Millionaire)

The brand Modern Millionaires was by Chance Welton and Abdul Farooqin. They do unique things: sell you an Office less Agency for $10, then continue to upsell in the ballpark of $10K and $30K. This is staggering, and I wanted to figure out why they charge so much. I mean, what can they possibly sell for that kind of money? I also want to know why so many people in the past have called them scammers. I want to know, so I will dissect their latest YouTube ad to get some answers and then let you know what I have found.

First, Abdul explains the current situation with landlords and how they go through extreme headaches to get their rent on time. These landlords regret the day they bought and rented property. To evict these people is a whole different story. But Chance and Abdul have different approaches, meaning they consider themselves laptop landlords. These two also make money every month without the headaches of tenant calls for clogged toilets, emergency phone calls and missed rent payments. So, I know you are wondering how this is possible; well…

It’s because the properties they rent out are not brick-and-mortar. Instead, these properties are 100% digital, meaning online. As a result, you don’t have to invest large sums of money upfront; what’s even better if your tenants are online store owners who will pay you anywhere between 2 and 5 thousand dollars when you would get less than this renting a 3-bedroom house. So, these online properties can be a big money generator. But here’s the thing,

Digital Landlord Review (Modern Millionaire)


I know many of you are wondering how this works exactly. First, you will get a laptop, and the training will show you how to help small businesses attract customers on sites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google. Then, Abdul says, “you will be a marketing guru who will help place ads on these sites and blow up clients’ phones with new customers” And you want to know the best part, you only have to do the entire setup once, and since your customers are getting new clients every single month, you will get paid every month. In short, you have this system running, and when you think about it, you have no headaches because of huge expenses/overheads.

So, now that you know how this works, how much have Chance and Abdul earned from this system? They claim to have earned over 7.5 million dollars working as laptop landlords. Now, this is over the past three years. In his promotional video, Abdul shows a payment notification where a customer has been paying him 5K monthly to his Stripe account for the past five (5) months. Then, Abdul shows some of the results his students are getting through his problem. Some students are helping a jewelry business, while another is helping a hoodie business. Also, Jason has decided to quit his job and do this full-time because of his progress since joining the program. So, now, they ask: Are you ready to join this Digital Landlord program?

I think the video is good, but they need to provide more information, like how they teach their students to land new clients, and also go over some things that can go wrong. I mean, when you are helping out a small business, I’m sure you have to sign a contract before doing business with them…right? Also, what will happen if you plan to leave the program and go out on your own? Do you owe Chance and Abdul anything? And what happens if Facebook bans my marketing account?…yikes! So think about it and check out my other favorite program by clicking the orange button below.