Digital Doctor Program Review (Dr. Chester Zoda)

I was watching a video by some guy named Chester Zoda, MD. He has an extraordinary claim: if you’re a healthcare provider and don’t have an automated online course, you are at a disadvantage compared to everyone else. The reason he gives is because of the time, energy, and effort you put into 1 to 1 consultations; you will have to repeat day in and day out with every single patient. It can be a lengthy process tiring you out and not allowing you to see every patient who might need urgent care immediately. So, Dr. Chester Zoda asks, what if there was a better way to do this? There is, and to find out, read my Digital Doctor review.

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Dr. Chester Zoda has one mission in mind: to help super-busy doctors (like you) earn passive income. The key to his process is NOT having to work yourself to death without investing much money into startup capital. “It’s important you go back to doing the things you love to do, and I know you are wondering how is this all possible?” Dr. Chester explains it’s by sharing your expertise online. You probably think this will be a long process, and you’re too busy to start something online. Chester thought the same way, as did one of his students, Natalia, an anesthesiologist who had just hit 75K in passive income.

Ok, so Chester claims to work with different types of doctors, two. First, doctors who are super busy and don’t know how to get started. Secondly, doctors who have some online experience and share their expertise through an online portal are not making money doing it. Dr. Chester says his proposal will let you start with no money, and you have to invest a few hours a week. Oh, the best thing is you don’t need any business experience. Ultimately, you need a stable internet connection, a laptop, and expertise in your healthcare field.

Dr. Chester, Doctor Digital, wants to help you be your boss. Think about it…imagine choosing your customers, team, schedule, and more. It would be an incredible feeling…right? After everything going on in the last 2-3 years, online education is expected to reach three hundred and fifty billion in revenue by 2027. The key is jumping on this trend, especially when you have the knowledge and expertise to cash in. Working at a hospital or clinic has time restrictions, but operating from home gives you a lot more freedom, and you can put in as many hours as you want. Let’s continue,

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Chester says, “The online model is easy to set up and maintain. Once you put a process in motion, it can continue working for days without any further heavy lifting.” Oh, and remember, the demand for healthcare will continue to grow, and as long as you have people, you know they will need your services…right? It’s your chance to help more people and get a rewarding feeling.

Before Chester got involved, he was skeptical but saw some results that others were pulling in. Now I believe that any doctor whose great at what they do can make some serious passive income. Many want to get started but don’t know what to do. I have the map you guys have to follow, and it’s my job to empower doctors to get started online and make a difference. Ok so,

There are four (4) steps to follow. First, just get started and make up your mind to go online. Secondly, start building your profile online and showcase what you offer. Third, build without having to spend a dollar at all. Four, you put the process together, and once it’s tweaked and fine-tweaked, you can automate the entire process. Dr. Chester and his Digital Doctor program will help you with each step through excellent video training, weekly Q&A calls, templates, worksheets, building funnels, and more. Now to find out how much this costs…well you have to book a call with Dr. Zoda to find out.

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