Devin Hester Net Worth: How Much Did He Earn Through NFL?

Devin Hester, a celebrated former professional football player, has left a significant mark in the National Football League (NFL) history. Known for his unmatched skills as a return specialist, Hester’s career was filled with numerous accolades and record-breaking performances. This article offers an in-depth look at Hester’s life, football career, and net worth.

Early Life

Born Devin Devorris Hester on November 4, 1982, in Riviera Beach, Florida, he had to navigate the harsh realities of life at a very young age. After losing both his parents in his early years, Hester found solace and passion in football. His talent was evident from his high school years, which earned him recognition and eventually led him to the University of Miami.

High School and College Years

Hester displayed a remarkable talent for football while in high school. His exceptional skills earned him the title of the best high school player in Florida by His prowess continued in his college years at the University of Miami, where he was recognized as a top-tier kick returner.

NFL Career

Hester’s professional journey started when he was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the second round of the 2006 NFL Draft. Initially joining as a cornerback, the team soon realized his potential as a return specialist. In his first 13 weeks as a professional, he returned six kicks for touchdowns. He spent seven years with the Bears before signing a three-year contract with the Atlanta Falcons in 2014.

After a brief stint with the Baltimore Ravens and the Seattle Seahawks, Hester retired from professional football in December 2017. His career was marked by several records, including the most return touchdowns and most punt return touchdowns.


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Career Achievements

Hester’s career was adorned with numerous awards and recognitions. He was a first-team All-Pro selection in 2006, 2007, and 2010, and a second-team All-Pro in 2011. He was also named to the Pro Bowl four times. Hester’s achievements attest to his exceptional talent and dedication to the sport.

Devin Hester thinks he's a first-ballot Hall of Famer, eager to get the call on Thursday - NBC Sports

Contracts and Career Earnings

Throughout his career, Hester signed several lucrative contracts. In 2010, he signed a four-year contract with the Chicago Bears worth $21.9 million. In 2014, he signed a three-year deal with the Atlanta Falcons worth $9 million. His final NFL contract was a one-year deal worth $1.1 million with the Baltimore Ravens. Over his 11-season NFL career, Hester earned more than $29.6 million in salary alone.

Personal Life

Hester’s personal life is as fulfilling as his professional one. He married Zingha Walcott, an elementary school teacher, in 2010, and they have three sons together. Hester and his family reside in Windermere, Florida.

Philanthropic Activities

In addition to his successful football career, Hester also established the “Devin Hester Foundation,” a non-profit organization aimed at providing a safe and positive environment for children aged 6-18.

Current Net Worth

As of now, Devin Hester’s estimated net worth stands at approximately $10 million, which is a testament to his successful football career.


Hester’s legacy in the NFL is solidified by his numerous records and achievements. His unmatched skills as a return specialist have earned him a place in NFL history. Although he has retired from professional football, his impact on the sport continues to inspire many aspiring football players.