Malls: Death Of Retail Review (Chance Welton)

Chance Welton has some of the best ads I’ve ever seen. In the most recent ad, I saw on YouTube, Chance and Abdul are running outdoors with manly beards looking like they just wrestled a bear or something. Then, all of a sudden, these guys start talking about malls focusing on those which are abandoned. Chance says, “The next time you see these malls, just think about dollar ($) signs…hmmm.. attractive. I want to find out more, and here’s what I learned.

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These guys say these abandoned malls provide a fantastic opportunity for you. This opportunity is a once in a lifetime kind of deal. “For you, it’s a chance for you to build something special which provides a passive income stream and gives you freedom,” says Abdul. Think about it, all over the United States, plazas, malls, and retail stores are going out of business (pretty sad), but someone else’s misfortune is another’s golden opportunity. In other words, it is a modern-day rush! Also, not many people know about this opportunity (so it’s still fresh), and this is nothing like Amazon and Shopify. It’s something new and unique. Let’s continue,

Chance and Abdul throw out a few numbers that seem made up because they provided no proof. For example, these guys claim this opportunity is projected to bring in over four (4) billion dollars of new money. Then Chance and Abdul claim that, in a short period, decades of growth will happen in a few short months…really? (where is the proof). Ok, do you want to hear the actual business model or opportunity is…it’s sending online traffic to digital malls. Oh, now comes the time for Chance and Abdul to sell themselves by saying that they have been doing this for years. “You see, we have been profiting from digital malls over the last five (5) years,” says Chance. To elaborate on this a bit further,

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Chance and Abdul research the market and set up online ads for small business owners to help them generate leads. In return, Chance and Abdul receive monthly recurring income as a commission from these business owners. Every business wants new customers because it helps them grow…right? I guess this is why these small businesses are more than happy to pay for the services provided by Chance and his team. So far, one of the  Modern Millionaire members is currently making $35,000 advertising on Instagram for a client where the client makes 40K from this campaign….it’s fantastic for sure!

Right now, Chance and Abdul claim that their system has made them millionaires in a short period because they were able to tap into the power of digital malls combined with advertising. “I learned early that these online businesses or digital malls need someone to bring traffic to them because it helps them increase their sales. When businesses can earn thousands more each month because of what you did for them, they will happily pay you 2,3,4 and 5 for your effort and support,” says Abdul.

Finally, Chance and Abdul claim that once you have a few clients, it’s a chain reaction helping you get more effortlessly because word of mouth travels. Here comes the sales pitch! Inside the Modern Millionaires, we have laid out the entire process for you step by step. We teach you how to find clients, set up funnels, and optimize ads. Oh, once you have a system in place, you can control everything for your mobile phone. You can go out and do what you need without being tied to your computer at home.

Chance and Abdul claim you don’t have to be a tech whiz or have any previous experience. You will learn everything you need to in our training. You will get all the tools and training to confidently launch your digital mall and WIN with what you are doing. However, I see one downside to this model: cost. You see, enrolling in the Modern Millionaire training costs money, somewhere around 7K-9K plus whatever upsells they shoot your way. Oh, and let’s not forget the extra money you will have to spend on Google and Facebook ads just to get started…right? Anyways, I encourage you to check out our workaround below.

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