Printable Profits Review (Dave Kettner)…Is It Worth It?

Dave Kettner starts his promo video by saying, “you see this mug right here… it makes me passive income. I don’t own it, nor do I keep any inventory. It’s like clockwork.” Then, you want to hear something even more, funnier; Dave calls himself a “mug-preneur.”…lol. So, from what I gather, Dave adds custom images on a mug and lists them online, and the sales just come through, making him a lot of money. Is he telling us the truth…well let’s find out. Here is my Printable Profits Review!

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So, I decided to attend Dave Kettner’s workshop, which he called “make money with mugs.” In this workshop, Dave promised to reveal how he makes 11K+ with a 98% fail rate. (ya right). Let’s continue…so I want to know why he focused on mugs? Dave answered by saying, “because you don’t have to pay upfront, and there is no inventory…that’s why. Oh, you don’t have to ship them either. The cool thing about mugs is that they make a great gift, so people love buying them. And, finally, by being creative with your messaging, you can stand out in your target demographic.” Dave then says your margin is like $8+, so these mugs provide you with a great profit. Someone asked Dave how he comes up with smart slogans and knows what to slap onto a mug. Well,

Dave says, “Simply head to Amazon and learn from the competition. First, research the mugs section and look for the highest-selling mugs with the most reviews; then, you have a great starting point. Next, you just have to worry about design.“ Dave says you can use a cool Word Swag app to help you redesign winning phrases. All you have to do is type in the text, and the app will throw back some awesome designs. Next, Dave says, “pick the one you like and upload it to IconEcom for on-demand printing, then choose a coffee mug and your all set. Finally, you have to get it listed on Amazon and Etsy…bingo you’re done!.”

Printable Profits Review (2022): Is David Kettner An Ecom Genius?


Ok, so now that you have everything complete, you utilize both Amazon and

Etsy’s current traffic flow. Dave says you can do this easily by adding keywords to your listing that people are searching for. In the end, it’s all failing and learning. For example, you will have some designs that fail immediately, so you should cut them loose. However, double down on the winners by adding items like t-shirts, pillows, etc. This is the strategy Dave says will make you hit some serious homerun’s. Rinse and Repeat…so here comes the sales pitch…

Dave is here to help you out! He has teamed up with Lurn CEO Anik Singal and created a step-by-step training course called Printable Profits. This course is eight (8) modules and will go through everything you need to know so you can start, grow and scale your mug business. In this course, you can also access a private community to chat with other students and ask questions. You can also get support and connect with like-minded entrepreneurs in this community. How much is the training course? It’s $397 (4 easy payments).

Now, should you spend this money and enroll in the course? It’s your call! Do you like the business model, and are you trying to sell products online but haven’t found the right angle? I would only be concerned about the copywriting laws and if you can use other people’s words. The last thing you want is to get going on Amazon and for your account to get banned…right? Also, think about the seasonal aspect of the business….for example, during graduation, you’ll have high sales, but then you will see a huge drop once schools are out…right? Also, I’m sure other people will copy your winners too (a lot of competition)

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