True Trader Review (Dan Parker)

Let me introduce Dan Parker, the face of the following If you watch his YouTube ad, he claims he crashed his BMW M3. But, to make people think even more, Dan says he’s NOT worried because after the stock market opened, he made enough to buy two (2) cars in 15 minutes. Then, Dan says, “over the last ten years, I’ve implemented and refined a strategy that allows me to make recurring income Monday to Friday in the first (1) hour of the stock market opening.” This is a big claim, so I’ve decided to read more about the Dan Parker trader strategy.

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As I continue to watch the Dan Parker ad, he is pretty much saying e does the opposite of what other people do. He doesn’t buy low and sell high; instead, he shorts highs and buys lows. Dan invites you to join his FREE 1-hour day trading course, and when it’s complete, he will sell you his main training course, the TrueTrader Essentials Plan 2021. This course is meant to cover all the fundamentals like options, stocks, risk management, and the psychology behind it all. You also get some other fun stuff like support via live streams, chats, text alerts, and more. Anyways, here’s more of my review

So, this Trading program costs $695 to sign up for. When you pay this amount, you get unlimited access to all the tools and pieces of training for two (2) months. Then, you will be on the hook for $149 monthly to continue having access to everything. Did you know the True Trader motto is “let’s work to live.”. They want you to have freedom and NOT be chained to your desk like many of us. Dan Parker says you will be able to earn profit within 60 minutes of the opening bell, so you have the rest of the day to chill and relax. Now, here’s what I want to say before I continue,

I like what Dan Parker is promoting through his True Trader system. Why? It’s not priced high like many other programs; it’s comprehensive and doesn’t give you any crazy income claims, which can be a turn-off because they are so hard to believe. After checking out some of the reviews, this program also has a rating of 4.69/5 on the well-known Better Business Bureau website. Furthermore, they have a 4.7/5 rating on Trustpilot. I have also seen a lot of testimonials (videos) from current members who are extremely happy with the overall program. But, there is one negative complaint, which is NOT detrimental, and it is the following…it caters to newbies more than people already skilled with trading (intermediate or advanced. Let’s check out a few…

True Trader Review (Dan Parker)


Sean said, “the True Trader is full of amazing people, but it’s a great starting point for beginners. They cover a lot, but some can be hard to find on their website. The chat sessions are friendly, but you must work and stay focused. Don’t expect any special treatment. Finally, I had some practice before joining, so I knew much of what I had gained and threw my money away. But, if you are a beginner, I recommend this training.” Here’s the thing,

The True Trader Essentials Plan 2021 is worth it if you want to LEARN how to day trade time efficiently. However, I do have to say the model itself is NOT the BEST. I advise you to be careful because you can lose a lot of money trading. From what I remember, traders will come out ahead around 1% of the day, so slow yourself down and take your time.

Instead, I have heard many people invest in long-term investing, where they have had more success. You can even invest money into an Index Fund that mimics the S&P 500 monthly. I want to make money every month in a business with a much higher success rate; if you want to LEARN more about this type of business, click below.

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