The Ecommerce Consultant Program Review

Imagine making 100K or 200K+ working from home? Did you know Tai Lopez claims to know a foolproof way to make this type of money working from home? The amount you make comes down to how hard and focused you are when you’re working. Tai Lopez gives you the formula S + I = M and says it’s extremely important to write it down. Now, it doesn’t matter how old you are and what point in your life you are at…because that formula is the MOST efficient way to make 6  to 7 figures working at home on your laptop. So, what does this equation stand for…let’s find out about and learn more about the Ecommerce Consultant Program.

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Tai Lopez says the following S + I = M formula works from anywhere globally, so it is very powerful. Alright, let’s first find out what it stands for M = Money which is the goal, the fuel and what you need in life to survive. Now, the “I” stands for the internet, and as long as you have a viable internet connection, you are good to go. Finally, “S” stands for service. Tai Lopez says these are easier to control when you are doing a service-based business. Unlike products that can be difficult to control, providing a service is easier because they require less capital (they fail less often). But here’s the disclaimer…Tai Lopez says, “more wealth is created through products than service. But, more capital is required for products to get off the ground. Also, selling products are riskier, and you need more experience to know what you are doing. Anyways,

Tai Lopez then says if you don’t come from a rich family or don’t have connections in Silicon Valley, we should all stick to the S + I = M formula. Ok, so here it goes…

Start with a service-based business which can be anyone providing a service, like Lawyers and Doctors. These people sell their time and make tons of money doing it. When someone walks in to see a lawyer or a doctor, these people bill the customer for the time spent with them…right? The only downside is building a successful service does take time. Think about how long it took some of these lawyers and doctors to build a reputation for themselves and bill a lot of money for their time. Tai says, “the average person will see wealth after 12–20 years in a service-based business.” (wow). Now, I asked Tai the following question: How about these guys in the stock market or crypto that made a ton of money fast? Tai says, “this is quick wealth and will disappear just as fast because it’s extremely risky.” I guess Tai is right because I know many people who made money quickly and lost it just as fast. Let’s move on…

The Ecommerce Consultant Program Review


I want to know the deal with Tai and what he is trying to promote here. For example, is he promoting his SMMA course? Does he expect us to run Facebook Ads for local business owners? Or create offer videos for people? And Tai said, “No, I’m not telling you to get involved in this because you are late to the game and will be better off promoting eCom.” Tai then jumps into his sales pitch, saying he can show you how to get customers fast through his 4-month mentorship training program that he’s just starting to roll out now…lol (ya right). So,

The program is called the Ecommerce Consultant Program. Tai claims he is the man to learn from because he has approx. Sixty million visits to his own eCom websites (in 1 year). He wants to share what he knows with you so you can avoid some of the mistakes he’s made throughout his journey. He is even willing to show you some social proof; by this, he means his 8-9 million social media followers. Tai is offering this training course for FREE, but I guarantee you there will be many upsells you will get locked into, so be careful. You may end up spending some money.

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