Commission Hero Review (Robby Blanchard)

What’s impressive is that Robby Blanchard went from being involved in fitness and owning a CrossFit gym to being an affiliate marketer selling people a dream. Robby has a training program called the Commission Hero, where he claims he will teach you to make 1K per day (quick and easy). You can even make more if you are focused and work hard enough. Robby also says, “You can make money while you’re doing the things you live, for example, working out, vacationing, riding in an Uber, and buying groceries.” Anyways, Robby is promising you can achieve this dream, but you have to follow a “simple three-step system,” Anyways, is this guy for real? Can you make money using his program? Stay tuned to find out as I review the Commission Hero.

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Listen, guys, if you want my honest opinion, this guy Robby Blanchard makes me sick to my stomach whenever I watch him on video. There are many honest affiliate marketers, but this guy gives all of them a bad name. He keeps saying, “He is the”#1 ClickBank Affiliate In The World,” but I know for a fact he probably hasn’t done any affiliate marketing since he started his Commission Hero course. I notice to mislead people even more; he uses the stats from his Commission Hero course to validate his success as an affiliate marketer…(this is completely lying…no?) Then, Robby says you can also be successful because everything in his training program, the Commission Hero, is so easy to follow even if you have no experience with very little English…lol (Robby must think the people watching his video are idiots) Anyways,

I think it would have been better for Robby to pitch his Commission Hero training by being more authentic. For example, by telling people they have to put in the hard work and stay focused to achieve the highest level of success possible. But his pitch is entirely the opposite. It’s an entire income claim (which you are NOT allowed to do), and if he keeps telling aspiring super affiliates these income lies, I’m sure the FTC will come knocking on his door. (who knows…right?) You see, marketing online is tricky because if you say the right things repeatedly, people will join his Commission Hero training, and the FTC may let him off as well. I mean, think about how many times he reminds people that “He is the”#1 ClickBank Affiliate In The World” (LOL). Ok, let’s move on…

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The value Robby pulled out of his backside for his Commission Hero training is $23,670. Now check this out; Robby says you won’t pay this much if you purchase it today. The price you’ll pay for taking immediate action is $997, and you can split the price into two (2) installments of just $597 (30 days apart). Robby says, “This price is a steal because you are guaranteed to make $1000.00 daily in no time.” (ya right…how many lies will this guy tell us?)

Are you still undecided on what to do? Not to worry because Robby’s fake refund policy protects you..that’s right, it’s fake! He says you can have a full refund within 14 days if you have NOT accessed any of his training…wait…what? So if you don’t have a chance to access his training, how will you know if it’s a good fit for you? This is like buying a pair of shoes, and they will allow you to return them, but if you don’t try them on, touch them or even look at them….lol. How crazy is this stupid refund policy?

The bottom line is this…Robby is making a ton of money selling his Commission Hero training to people who don’t know any better. If they have a problem and don’t believe him, he wears them down into buying it. You see, if you tell people something long enough, they will believe something is possible. In this case, Robby convinces people to buy Commission Hero, and he gets more prosperous.

Think about it this way. You will be promoting a product from Clickbank which so many other people are promoting…right? This means you have unreal competition leading to higher marketing costs for you. With the Commission Hero being so shady, I’m sure soon your ads will get banned, and you will be stuck with no alternative to marketing. This training program is so wrong on many levels; just be careful…that’s my advice.

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