The Coach Launch Review (Spencer and Sammi Robbins)

Spencer and Sammi Robbins are living in something called a rom-com. These two are totally into each other, always hugging, and let’s forget they have a small pooch named Mosley (oh, and Jesus). So, the story goes, they both started something called Alive & Free Consulting to assist women in emotional healing. The method they use is online training and coaching. Fast-forward, they now have a team of 40 people and help both men and women. Recently, they expanded their business, renaming it to the Coach Launch. The business model or thought process behind this business is to teach people how to rake in an additional 3K to 9K through something called a faith-based coaching business. Great…let’s learn some more.

So, the promise these guys make is you don’t need any prior experience like Spencer and Sammi. Seriously…that’s what both of them are saying. I find it hard to believe you can earn 20K to 100K counselling every year. Why is there a massive demand for everyone to start their own business? Spencer says this is the only way to earn a lot of money without worrying about paying your next bill. “Think about it; things are so expensive now. I mean, real estate, food, and the dollar value is nothing close to what it used to be. Not to mention, with a business, you’ll have some job security, which is always a good thing.” says Spencer. I understand what he’s talking about because these days, no one has the money to enjoy vacations, etc. Let’s continue…

Spencer says it’s the perfect time to form your own path and seize control by establishing a solid passive income stream. This will set you up for financial freedom and give you flexibility and total satisfaction in the process. Spencer says, “It’s starting a business that gives you full control to make your choices and collaborate with God so you can make an IMPACT on this planet.” From what I gather, Spencer was in your shoes a few years ago because he was stuck in a 9-5 working in a cubicle and living in a one-bedroom apartment. Most of all, he was living paycheck to paycheck, which, as you can imagine, really can be emotionally challenging. Anyways,

Freeing Yourself From Self-Hatred


His significant other was a personal trainer. Sammi was doing very well but wasn’t passionate about what she was doing. One day, a client came in and asked Sammi for a coaching session to discuss her emotions and concerns. Sammi initially hesitated, but she agreed to chat with the client. This was the break she needed because that $80 meeting transformed into a complete business model. Currently, Sammi and her team have coached over 5,000 Christians, earning them multiple seven (7) annually, changing her life forever. She says, “At one point, I had no clue this existed and never thought I could help so many people find freedom. Some of my clients have happier marriages and have been reconnected with God.”  Spencer hops in and says, the best part is we get paid for it, too…lol. The couple moved to Hawaii, bought their dream home, and currently employ something like 40 employees. “We are regular people, and we were able to accomplish this dream,” says Spencer. Oh, I heard these two have a  podcast with 200,000+ downloads. They love that their podcast allows them to reach others with God’s message.

Then, they start to focus on you again and how you can achieve the same results coaching. They say you can do this from anywhere worldwide because you just need a laptop, internet, and a phone—no need for a team, office, inventory, or anything. You don’t need a college degree because you only need your wisdom to change people’s lives. Okay, so I know you want to know how this all works…right? You will utilize Zoom to have a 50-minute call with each client and determine what areas they feel stuck. “It’s your chance to ask questions, provide helpful strategies, and strengthen their relationship with God,” Spencer says; they will happily pay you for your time…really? Sounds like stuff they can discover for free on the internet! The way you get clients is by using something called their Anti-Marketing Marketing Method (AMMM). This means you will create a multi-channel marketing strategy to build an audience. It’s all about building relationships with them so they feel they can talk to you and depend on you. They feel you are not selling them anything, so that they will trust you more with this approach. Spencer says the Coach Launch Program closes the gap, and this is what you will learn. However, these two don’t mention cost, which is weird…right? Anyway, it doesn’t seem like these guys are providing anything special…lol. What’s better is what I do to earn passive income every month. Click the orange button to find out…