Chris Voss MasterClass Review (The Art Of Negotiation)

There is a training called MasterClass which is investing millions of dollars in promoting Chris Voss. The name of the course is The Art Of Negotiation. This course is gaining enormous buzz because Chris has a saying, “Everything in life is a negotiation.” Anyways, think about it this way, Chris says, “Even when you cross the street, it’s negotiable, and even when you are at a Tim Hortons, you are negotiating a cup of coffee.” So, he says, if you change how you negotiate, you can change your life. So, let’s learn more about this training and if it can help you achieve your goals.

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So, people want to know what makes this dude Chris Voss qualified to advise you on negotiation? Well, his experience is that he worked as an FBI lead international kidnapping negotiator for several years.“ He perfected the skills to connect with people and their families in this role. Chris says, “Everyone deserves to have someone hear what they have to say. It makes them feel better.” Anyways,

What does Chris Voss teach in his MasterClass? Well, he will teach you everything he developed as a hostage negotiator. For example, he will walk you through his strategies and tactics throughout his life. He says, “Trust me, these work, and I have succeeded with them.” Then Chris continues about what else you will learn, like bargaining, reading people’s body language, and understanding how people think. He says you can use these skills to bend people’s reality (this stuff sounds powerful). Let’s move on…

Chris Voss says when you are a master negotiator, you let people have your way. A strategy called mirroring will give the person the feeling they are providing them with their deal, but in reality, they present you with your deal…lol. Chirs says, “This tactic is just a repetition of the last 1 to 3 words someone says when you are speaking with them. You see, people love to be encouraged to continue speaking.” Here’s the bottom line,

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This MasterClass by Chris Voss will give you all the tools you need to negotiate every day confidently. With these skills, you can improve your life and make a positive change. Now, I know what you are thinking; using this tactic, you will be manipulating people and forcing them to do things they don’t want to do…but you’re mistaken. Chris clarifies, “No one is winning because, through negotiation, you are learning how to work with people and build stronger relationships.”

It’s about improving your life; you can constantly improve no matter how good it is. The Art Of Negotiation MasterClass claims that it can help with that. This MasterClass will have 18 video lessons and around 3 hours of class content. To unlock all of this content, you will have to be a MasterClass member. The cost to get into the program is $180 per year, and this program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Once you get access, you will get access to more than 100 other classes covering everything from cooking, leadership, photography, writing, and more. Now, what about the reviews…

The reviews I’ve read are pretty good and positive. For example, people say Chris is a negotiation authority and an effective teacher. Many of his students say Chris has engaging lessons that are extremely easy to understand. The lessons make it easy for you to take action. However, there is one recurring complaint which is worth mentioning…

Many students who completed the MasterClass stated it was closely related to his book, Never Split The Difference. And some also said the scenarios Chris uses in his MasterClass are unrealistic, and you won’t have to use them in real life (makes sense).

Here’s the thing, overall, what Chris Voss is doing with his MasterClass is fantastic. The training is affordable and accessible to almost anyone. You see, for $180, I don’t know how you can go wrong. However, there is a lot of content, so you must go through every lesson and complete the MasterClass. But, if this sounds like something that doesn’t interest you, you can always check out our program by tapping that orange button.

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