SamCart 1 Simple Page Review (Brian Moran)

To get an edge over the competition, the SamCart cofounder studied 700+ of their sellers to understand what they are doing RIGHT to sell products and make money. Oh, the SamCart cofounder’s name is Brian Moran, and what he LEARNED is pretty cool. Most of the sellers were using 1-simple page websites to make millions of dollars online (wow). So, here’s what Brian did to test the method for himself…

Brian learned from them and duplicated the template inside SamCart; the results were fantastic. He claims the page ends up making  $182,355 in just a few days. He didn’t have to create a fancy marketing funnel, store, or anything. There was no 3-hour webinar…nothing. He just duplicated the method and let it go to see what would happen. Now, here’s the thing, I’m NOT saying what he’s telling us isn’t true, but I’m sure there’s more to the story. So, I dug deeper and here’s what I found out…

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Now, after duplicating the strategy and running a few tests, this simple page has become one of the highest-converting pages pulling in approx. $1,729 per day. Brian used to work in a paper mill and thinks about those days he would only dream of this kind of money. Now, he is ready to pass on his knowledge and believes you can also have 6-7 figure days if you hook up with him. He will give you the template he has designed. Here’s the catch (ALWAYS A CATCH…RIGHT?)

This simple 1 page template will only be included if you purchase an annual subscription to his SamCart software for just $349 for the first year. Now, being a fantastic salesman, he has included a timer to push you to buy faster. Still, I have seen this timer on the website for some time now…LOL. The SamCart software isn’t too bad because it offers you many other unique features like unlimited pages to sell as many products as you desire, one-time purchase templates, pay plans, and more. The SamCart software claims to have many templates to choose from, but I have NOT personally used it, so I can’t say. I guess having several options is always good because you can customize them…anyways…

There’s much more included in the program, too…for example…

The 1 Page Masterclass ($3,995 value)
1 Page Workshop ($199 value)
Traffic Tactics ($1,997 value)
The $237k Swipe File ($1,495 value)
Product Creation Masterclass ($499 value)
1 Page Wednesday Coaching Calls
The Private Facebook Group
Expert Bonus pieces of training

Now, here’s where the upsells start…LOL. The above is included in your initial $349 SamCart yearly bundle. However, to entice you some more, Brian offers you an optional $197 Facebook Ads training program you can purchase when you are checking out. Not to mention, you will be billed annually for the SamCart software at $349. Now, remember this is a discounted price, and if you DON’T get it now, you will have to pay $588 per year, which is 40% more than what it is now. Oh, and if you don’t beat the clock, you will also lose all the bonuses included. Now, here are some things to keep in mind,

Brian’s SamCart program will offer you a 30-day money-back guarantee promising to refund you 100% of the cost. This will apply if you are NOT happy with the program for any reason. Brian has to say, “ There are thousands of people using this software to make money every day. Now, I can’t guarantee you that you will make millions of dollars, but if you use the training and the tools I provide you with, you will make money, but you have to work hard and be focused” Finally,

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Earlier, in my reviews, I had talked about what an excellent job Russell Brunson from ClickFunnels has done building his tool. I must admit that Brian has done the same thing, creating SamCart to be more than a landing page builder. Before, I continue, I want you to check the software and build your own opinion. Now, the question becomes, do you need SamCart to run your business? Are there better programs out there? Well, I’m NOT sure, but this is the first time I’m hearing about SamCart. After visiting their website, I think it mixes Shopify and ClickFunnels. Still, I have used ClickFunnels, and you would be able to get what you need to use their tool. SamCart has a lot going on, which can confuse someone new to the entire marketing game. I recommend taking a step and figuring out what you need and what type of business you are building. Then decide if the SamCart software is the RIGHT choice for you.

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