Bobby Castro Coaching Review


Many believe you need access to the RIGHT information to help grow your business. If you have the RIGHT information, you can make decisive decisions that will benefit your business. One person who is a true believer in this methodology is Bobby Castro. But here’s my question: How do you know what is the right question? Many people online, especially on social media, claim they have the million-dollar SECRETS to succeed. These people claim to have a portfolio of real estate properties (so they say) but cannot provide the receipts to back it up. You must be careful following some people’s advice because they could be faking it to sell you a course on something.

Now, let me tell you about Bobby Castro, who has up to a ninth-grade education but had the grit to form his own business Bankers Healthcare Group in 2001. He formed his business with a $25,000 investment and was acquired for 1 billion dollars 18 years later…now that’s unbelievable. If you minus all the taxes, lawyer fees, partner fees, and everything else, Bobby could take home 310 million in his pocket. I’m sure you are interested in knowing how this happened. Bobby says, “as a kid, I was shy and started talking around seven (7) years old. My mother was supportive and did whatever she could for us to provide. Did you know she has three (3) jobs, and we grew up renting furniture…we couldn’t even buy it out, right”. Can you believe Bobby’s family had to rent furniture paying a small fee per month? That’s amazing! Bobby says that seeing his mom go through all this made him want to change something. So, after ninth grade, he dropped out and started his first business, a janitorial cleaning service. This business cleaned commercial offices after they were done for the day.

Bobby had this drive in him, so he asked his mom to do a second mortgage on the house; however, while she thought about this, Bobby was doing whatever he could to earn some extra cash. For example, on the side, he was painting homes, selling clothing at flea markets, doing valet, waiting on tables, etc. Then, finally, his mom agreed to refinance the home, which is where the $25,000. He used some of that money to expand his cleaning business, buying a bunch of cleaning supplies and a van. However, after some time, the business disappeared. Bobby then started doing some other random jobs and opened other ventures along the way without any of them really finding any success.

BOBBY CASTRO: From Broke & Dyslexic To $1 Billion Dollar Business & $300 Million In Real Estate!👫💵 - YouTube

Bobby had excellent people skills, leading him to meet a doctor and some producers. In addition, Bobby and his brother Eric were invited to some private parties where they could share ideas. A doctor Bobby meets says he needs working capital. Over some drinks, Bobby starts sharing some ideas he had in his mind about different businesses. However, this doctor was adamant about working capital and how this could be a significant business for anyone with money to spare (which Bobby had left over from the 25K his mom gave him). The circle of people Bobby met also had some money to lend out. Hence, Bobby and his brother went to work finding people who needed capital to start projects and were willing to pay above-market rates for the loan. Within two (2) weeks, Bobby could get his doctor friend a client who was willing to borrow X amount at a high rate. A few days later, they closed the deal!

Now, this is the central concept of the Bankers Healthcare Group. First, they find people who want to buy loans and pay a discounted price. In return, the person selling the loan gets working “capital.”. Two decades later, Bobby sold this business for 1 billion dollars. Bobby says his success comes from a “Positive Mental Attitude.” Bobby now allows you to be mentored by them and learn some of the skills vital to his success. You can join the Group Coaching Program, which involves a 90-minute Zoom call every two weeks. The cost is approx $1,497 per month or $17,000 per year. Click the orange button below to find out more.