Blue Sky Amazon Review (Sophie Howard)

Now here’s a real success story! Chelsea was broke and was trying to make ends meet. But, with focus and consistency, she went from being flat broke to making a full-time income on Amazon in 4 months. Before making Amazon a lucrative business, Chelsea had tried it like dropshipping, affiliate marketing, and print-on-demand. Now, this is where luck intervened after meeting Sophie Howard, who is known as the Amazon Selling Queen. Sophie helped Chelsea make money on Amazon ethically so she could continue selling and growing her business without any risks of being shut down. I encourage you to LEARN more and read my Blue Sky Amazon review. But, before we continue…

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So, now I spent some time watching the YouTube ad and wondering who is Sophie Howard. Some questions I had were: Is she legit? Does she sell on Amazon? Can she train you to make money? And what do her students have to say about her? Now, thank god I have some excellent research skills because here is what I was able to locate about her:

First, Sophie Howard lives in New Zealand and spends about 30 minutes daily running her Amazon business. She has two (2) children, which keep her busy, so spending 30 minutes daily is ideal for her. Next, Sophie makes her money focusing on high-ticket items and making a great ROI whenever she sells her products. She had some really successful stores in the past and has sold them for six and seven figures. Right now, from everything I have read, she seems to be the real deal which is hard to find whenever you try your luck at marketing. So, anyway, I still have some questions about her training: where does she find these products? What are her commissions? And how does she scale her business afterwards? Well…let’s find out:

Blue Sky Amazon Review (Sophie Howard)


I must admit Sophie is pretty clever in how she does business. First, she finds everyday items which people need and those that can be massed produced. Then, she’ll put a twist on these products by designing a new label and finding other ways to make them more attractive. Sometimes she will write an eBook to create a bundle, so you get more bang for the buck. What does she do next? She’ll have the products shipped to Amazon, who will take over and do the rest. They will pack, ship, take payment, and provide a tracking number for customers. Now, I have to admit; I like what I’m hearing! Now, if you want an example, check this out:

In 2017 Sophie found a tea (organic) which could be bought for $1.00. She did some design work and created a bundle explaining the benefits of this organic tea and why people should buy her product. She sold her tea brand on Amazon for $20.00 (WOW) and was able to sell the entire company for six (6) later in the future. Talk about a return on investment…right? Anyways,

I like Sophie’s style because she is NOT concerned with volume but more about getting more per conversion. To her, when you have high volume, you also have high competition, which can make it difficult to sell, which goes against her principle. Sophie would rather be someone under the radar and NOT make too many sales but more per sale. Now, I have reviewed many Amazon store courses, and I have to admit that Sophie hits a home run with this one because her strategy makes sense. As a matter of fact, if I were to explore Amazon marketing, I would pay attention to her for sure! With that said,

The only problem with such a business is that it takes time to get off the ground, so I focus more on creating digital assets and lead generations. I have had way more success doing this, but I only tried Amazon store selling for a brief period. Anyways, I still want to give kudos to Sophie’s Blue Sky Amazon Academy. You can also check out my personal favourite program by clicking the orange button.

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