BJK University Review (Bashar J Katou)

Bashar J Katou talks a big game because he says he will show you how to earn a bachelor’s degree in Amazon entrepreneurship. He says he’ll show you how to go out and find profitable products you can sell on Amazon without the hassle. You see, he has done it before, so you won’t have to waste hours researching or even doing your due diligence. Bashar is so confident in his process that you will jump right to the front page of Amazon’s search results, where 90% of the sales happen. “It’s going to be super profitable for you, and I’ll even show you how to automate the entire process so you don’t have to keep going back and making adjustments,” says Bashar J Katou. I’m skeptical…are you? Here is my BJK University review.

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Bashar says before you get ahead of things, he wants to clarify that he’s a seven (7) figure Amazon seller first, then a teacher (guru) second. He can tell you with confidence the reason why MOST people don’t make money with Amazon FBA. “People try to figure out everything on their own when they can find someone who already knows how to make money. Some people watch YouTube videos and think that’s everything they need to know,” says Bashar. He says it’s much more because you have to know how to read competition, calculate profit margins, find inventory, source, etc. There is a lot!

Bashar says he has a winning system, which has led him to earn around seven (7) figures from his formula. “When I list something on Amazon, I know it will make me money because my system has been tried and tested.” He’s been testing it for a while. Now that I know it works, he could walk away from his struggling restaurant business and travel the world with his family, buy his dream car and house, and even give his parents early retirement. He explains what makes him different…

Many people doing Amazon FBA say you should find one (1) single product, which is a home-run and can make you rich. Basher says, “NO WAY,” you should focus on multiple products to 2x-3x your profits. He launches many products for better odds of success, and this offers more stability, too. If one is not working well, the others bring thousands in monthly. Then, he says, it’s a matter of rinsing and repeating. He gives the “perfect” analogy…

BJK University


If you look at the average millionaire, they have seven (7) streamlines of income, all bringing in money. Why should your Amazon FBA business be limited to just one? With multiple products, you protect yourself from competition, your listings getting shut down, or whatever else happens. This makes sense…right? Bashar J Katou then gives you some key points to follow…

First, it’s all about getting the correct pricing for what you are doing. You should know how to price your products and where to list them on Amazon. You should also get the lowest price possible from your supplier because this will increase your overall profit margins…right? Let’s move on to KEY #2 to ensure each listing is optimized to the fullest potential. Key #3 is strategically getting it to the top of Amazon’s page 1 because the more eyes on it, the more people can purchase it. Key #4: You should be able to copy or duplicate the entire process without you being involved in the process…cool?

According to Basher, using his method and strategy is how you would build a 6-7 figure Amazon FBA business. He wants to help you, and if you want his assistance, you can apply for his coaching at BJK University. I checked out some of the other reviews, and they say the cost is something like 5K, which I think is reasonable only if he can deliver on his promise. However, before you sign up, I encourage you to ask Basher for some solid proof and provide more information on what he can get on Amazon’s first page. I mean, it’s easy if he asks you to pay for Amazon PPC ads or Facebook ads…right? Trust me, this does matter!

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