Grant Cardone Told Ryan Pineda How To Become A Billionaire

Ryan Pineda has been in business for years and founded Wealthy Way. Recently, Ryan had a chance to hang out with Grant Cardone and other major influencers at Grant’s office. Ryan says what he learned during this meeting changed his life. It all started when Ryan asked Grant what do you have to do or makes the difference to go from zero to millionaire. What Grant told him changed his life, and Ryan would like to share what he learned in this meeting.

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So, in the beginning, Grant said he was just tired of being a loser and was just disgusted with where he was going in life. Then he said, “I was 25 and couldn’t keep a single job. I was fired from 7 jobs in a row and looked in the mirror disgusted with the person I was. I was a car salesman and hated that job, so in the beginning, I just wanted to make a little money to see if I could do it.” Then, this happened…

Grant worked hard and made $1000, and when he did, it made him feel special and put him on top of the world. It was the first time he had tasted any sort of money. What was even more special was that, for the first time, Grant felt like he had control over his life, and he needed this feeling. So, Grant decided after making that money that he was going to change his life. He got rid of his drug problem and healed past relationships. He also started working on his confidence and self-esteem, which put things into serious motion. After a few solid years of hard work…Grant was able to first million. Now,

Here’s what Grant told Ryan, “making your first million is tough and going to $10 million is a whole different ball game. It’s not easier, but it’s more complicated and challenging. The only thing that doesn’t change is how you make your money which is through the people. I made $1000, $1 million and $10 million through people.” I guess what he is trying to say is always to surround yourself with the BEST people and keep them around. Grant also says finding people who will learn and grow with you is crucial. Ryan wanted to know what revenue source made him the MOST money…and Grant said…

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“Real estate has changed my life and made me millions because I went from a very loud personality to a real businessman. So I say without hesitation that if you want to make real income, get into real estate immediately. Now, Grant makes an excellent point…

Grant says the problem with the internet is that you can easily fake many of your accomplishments. He rants that people Photoshop stats and lie about their Instagram followers to easily get caught up in the hype. Not to mention, on the internet, everyone claims to be 6 figure earners and have the next big thing, but this can easily be faked online. Grant says, “I’m healthy, I have real assets, and I have the right people working with me…so I am the real deal.” (lol)

Grant wants to help as many people as possible because he has been very blessed. He encourages people to follow their passion and double down on their business, making real money. He still thinks real estate is the best option to get wealthy beyond your imagination, but again, follow your passion, make your money, and invest as much as you can into real estate to have both in your portfolio. I can’t argue with that.

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