Is Bashar J Katou Legit? Let’s find out…

A course called BJK University will show people how to make money on Amazon selling physical products. Bashar J Katou is the guy who created this course, and he claims he is the right person to teach you what you have to do to cash in. Why? Well, he went from  150K in debt, drinking, depressed, and more. I mean, this guy hit rock bottom, but he now claims to be making a million dollars a month online. I’m skeptical because I feel there is more to the story.  Skeptical? Me too, but read on. There’s more to his story. Let’s find out….here is my BJK review.

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“During my lowest point, which was back in 2013, I drove an Uber and washed dishes to make ends meet. Whenever I had some freedom, I would go online trying to find ways to make money online.“ says Bashar. He launched seven (7) different businesses, all of which failed. However, when he started his 8th business, it was his dream come true. Bashar says, “This was the time I started to sell products on Amazon and after a few years later, I was doing something like 10K profit a month.” Bashar let success get to him, and he got lazy, started drinking heavily again, and stopped putting in the work for his business.

As usual, when people stop focusing on their business, it starts to fall apart, which happened with Bashar. However, he claims to have learned a valuable lesson from all this. He says, “When you are not growing, you will start to die. It doesn’t matter how much money you make because you must keep pushing forward. No one else will look after your family like you, so you have to stay hungry.” I know exactly what he is saying because you must keep pushing forward and reach the next level.  Let’s continue,

After this value lesson, Bashar also changed his thought process. He now believes that the more you give, the more you will get. This is a massive part of why he stays so motivated. The more people depend on you, for example, family, the more you want to ensure they are always cared for. “If I’m going to just earn for myself and keep it all, I already have enough to live on, so I will lose my motivation. But, if I give money and help people, I’ll want to continue to push forward.”

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This was the mentality behind the course he created called BJK University. The course has been designed to stop making it all about Bashar and to help others start their journey toward financial freedom. In this course, he will teach you what he learned in his journey from broke to FBA multi-millionaire. “You will understand why I believe in going against the status quo. For example, everyone always tells you this is how it should be….right? Expectations are always set regardless of age, job, background, experience, or whatever. I believe this mentality stops you from growing. I think you should always go against what everyone else expects.”

Bashar says you should be aiming to break records and do different things. You need to think outside the box, do things differently, innovate, and put yourself in an uncomfortable situation to heighten your creativity. Your goal should be to stand out and compete with the best. He says it should be to demolish them from the start. With that said,

Is Bashar J Katou Legit? I think he is legit. I mean, in terms of the business model he is pushing. A lot of people are making money from Amazon FBA and doing exceptionally well. However, I don’t know if I believe him when he says he’s making millions. I don’t think he makes millions from Amazon FBA because if he did, why promote it? Why not keep the money all to yourself? I believe he is probably making a lot of money from his BJK University. Anyways, selling products online has always been a tough industry because you can have the best item one day, it gets copied, and boom, you’re finished. That’s just the way I feel. You have other less competitive options available to you…what? Hit the orange button.

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