Kingdom Wealth Builders Review (Jim Baker)

James Baker has one objective: for you to achieve prosperity. What does this mean? It means having enough to fulfil all your dreams and complete what God has planned for you. Also, James wants you to make enough to help others around you too. Here’s the thing, James is a pastor at the Zion Christian Fellowship (outside Columbus, Ohio). He has also written a book called How Heaven Invades Your Finances. James believes this is the BEST book he has ever written (I guess he can believe what he wants…right?) I will review Jim’s Kingdom Wealth Builders Blueprint in this content and would love to hear what you guys think…

Jim started Wealth with God to help Kingdom-minded believers lay the groundwork to reach their vision in 10 years or less. You see, Jim saw miracles happen at his church, like the blind being able to see again and people with mental disorders getting better that he got a sign from God to help people heal their financial situation as he did with their health. So Jim decided to take a full year off to read (he read 100 books), LEARN about finances, and write out some scriptures for his book.

James says, “By the time he was done reading all the books, he had done an 18-part series on finance.” (WOW). Then, he claimed that 25% of his church was out of debt within 12 months after reading what I wrote. Some of them even paid off entire mortgages on their home. Jim believes “you will prosper as your soul prospers.” So, Kingdom finances always start on the inside. For example, God wants you to be a better (kinder) person who can carry the weight of God’s blessings without them crushing you.

James then says something many people believe, but some may NOT. He says, “Money is another way to get close to Jesus. This feeling makes the whole thing fun for me and everyone.” James claims what he has created has allowed his church to see some significant improvements in people and their employment situation. People have landed incredible jobs, bonuses, and even raises….this is what James claims…of course! It’s the power of the people and the Kingdom we have created. James continues, “God wants you to achieve your life’s mission and positively impact people. So, we need more Kingdom Wealth Builders to join us and accomplish the holy purpose we have envisioned for ourselves.”

Wealth with God, Part 1 - “God Wants You to Prosper” by Jim Baker - YouTube


Now, a lot of people think that money is bad for them. Still, James has an answer for this because he says, “If making money was so bad, then why doesn’t Satan pour it on us during Christians and watch everyone do evil with it?” So, in the end, I think James has a line for everything which is why many people have a hard time believing what he is saying. Let’s continue,

The Kingdom Wealth Builders is a training course that believes partnering with God is the path to unlimited success. This training will teach you how to increase your profit and invest to multiply your savings 10-fold. James says, “When you have completed this course, you will stop self-sabotaging and align yourself with God to increase your overall wealth.” James also says how you will increase your cash flow by around 20% in about 90 days from now. The ultimate promise is that you will save around thirty years off your retirement. James promises to provide you with a step-by-step plan to create financial freedom in less than ten years; you also get much more.

One more thing,

You will have lifetime access to the Wealth With God Masterclass when you join. James ensured you have everything in this course, like

accompanying action guides, live group mentoring with Jim Baker himself, and even weekly coaching calls. You will also be invited to join a private Facebook Group. In addition, you will have access to previously recorded calls if you can’t join live during the presentation. Finally, you get FREE tickets (two, BTW) to the Wealth With God Big Event. In terms of cost, either you pay one-time of $1,994, or you can do six monthly installments of $394. Personally, when Jim started saying he cured people with his words and was able to make them unlimited cash through his training, I said NO. However, I have something else that interests me, and I think you should check it out too.