Bad Ass Marketers (BAM) – Is This Legit or a Scam (Find Out Now)

Today, I’ll review the online training program by Joshua T. Osborne called Bad Ass Marketers (BAM). You see, many people don’t enjoy the 9-5 grind, so they turn their attention to making money online, for example, through affiliate marketing.

But there is one problem…which affiliate marketing training do you choose because some are TOTAL scams. So,

I will review a training program that’s been creating an enormous buzz online lately, Bad Ass Marketers! You will learn what it is and if it’s legit!

First, let’s explore…

What Is Bad Ass Marketing (BAM)?

In short, Bad Ass Marketers teaches you how to run an online business and make money through lead generation.  Josh uses a term called “digital real estate” to set up landing pages and convert targeted leads into customers for businesses. With each successful lead, you earn a commission, accumulating higher with each successful customer you land. Anyways,

Bass Ass Marketer will teach you what these businesses don’t know what to do, which is online marketing. BAM shows you how to set up landing pages; approach customers set up paid marketing campaigns, and more.  So in other words,

Bad Ass Marketers is a training program that teaches you how to connect customers and businesses. You’ll be the middle person setting up “digital real estate” in the form of landing pages (websites) to rent out to businesses. When they grow and make money, you will also earn commission too.

Who Is Joshua T. Osborne?

I found much of the information about Joshua on his BAM University website. Anyways, he claims he had a lot of struggles growing up, which shaped him into the person he is today. After doing some research, I learned Joshua spent some time in prison, which was an eye-opener for him because when he got out, he started to change his life.

Joshua T Osborne - YouTube


A lucky meeting with Dan Klein in 2015 introduced him to digital marketing, and Joshua started to build his career from then on. He currently has a…

Successful digital marketing agency located in Colorado Springs. The name of his digital marketing agency is called Mr. & Mrs. Leads. Next,

Joshua owns two (2) other online educational platforms where he teaches how to follow their passion. These two (2) training programs are separate from BAM.


Joshua claims that he has created over 100 digital estate properties for businesses. He also claims to be earning passive recurring income every single month from them.

What’s Included in The Bad Ass Marketer (BAM)?

Just explaining what BAM is will not be enough to convince you if it’s worth joining, so I want to go through some of the modules included. Let’s jump right in:

Module 1 – Build Your Vision

Joshua teaches you how to create your vision and set your goals. Once you have completed this module, you will better understand what you want to accomplish.

Module 2 – Keyword Research

Learn how to do keyword research RIGHT to get a competitive edge over your competition.

Module 3 – Building Your Agency

It’s time to build your Digital Marketing Agency. First, you will learn how to set up your website, customize your design and choose a logo. Then, in this module, you will start to build your brand.

Module 4 – The Six (6) to Success

Joshua takes you through the six (6) fundamental steps to prospect and land customers.

Module 5 – Landing Pages

This module teaches you how to build your digital real estate properties. You will learn about the tools to streamline the process and how to use them to generate income monthly on autopilot.

Module 6 – On-Page SEO

How the KEY components of on-page SEO will help you rank your digital properties organically. Reach the top of Google search by utilizing what is taught in this module.

Module 7 – Off-Page SEO (Building Links)

Backlinking your way to success! Learn how to list your website on other websites to drive traffic to your assets.

Module 8 – Facebook Ads

Learn how to set up campaigns on Facebook and drive “targeted traffic to your digital properties. This module will also teach you how to troubleshoot campaigns for a higher ROI.

Module 9 – Google Ads

Learn how to set up campaigns on Google Ads to drive “targeted traffic to your digital properties. This module will also teach you how to troubleshoot campaigns for a higher ROI.

PLEASE NOTE: You have other modules also, like client retention, hiring (outsourcing), finance and structure.

How Much Does Bad Ass Marketers Cost?

So, here’s where things get a bit weird. I went on their website to see the cost of each module, and I couldn’t purchase them. Under price, it says “CLOSED”…LOL.

And, there is NO mention of price anywhere else. But I always do my research and find a post submitted by a Reddit user.

The user wrote this: “This course is a shit ton more than most courses out there, and it’s not even that well structured. He doesn’t even give you a single piece of value but wants you to pay $5,000 to learn.” With that said,

I have reviewed a lot of lead generation programs, and BAM is charging a lot compared to these other programs. And, the reviews for BAM are NOT all that great, which you will read later.

The BAM University Reviews

I want to be as transparent about Bad Ass Marketer so you can make an informed decision about joining their training. So, here are some reviews located online about Bad Ass Marketers University. As you can see, they DON’T have too many positive reviews.

Is Bad Ass Marketer a Scam?

Here’s the thing, I usually like to give marketing programs the benefit of the doubt, but only if I cannot find negative reviews about them. But, unfortunately, it’s pretty evident that Joshua and his Bad Ass Marketer training have some things they have to fix before they can be considered a legitimate business. I mean, think about it, after reading some of the reviews above…would you join the training? With that said,

I don’t think these guys are a SCAM or should be labelled as one because they offer a product (just NOT a very good one). For example, from the reviews skimmed through, Joshua and Bad Ass Marketers DO NOT provide any real value. If they do, it can be found online for FREE. If you can’t find this stuff for FREE, you can find it through other legitimate programs with thousands of positive reviews for a fraction of the price. I mean…5K is a lot of money, and spending it on training that doesn’t sit well with people is a NO! Look, the bottom line is this…

I believe in specific criteria when considering joining a training program. First, they have to provide VALUE which cannot be found anywhere else. Or, they have to put a twist on marketing which others fail to do. Next, the training MUST have many positive reviews because this shows they provide VALUE. Unfortunately, BAM doesn’t fit this criterion either. Third, price matters because you have people starting in online marketing, so they may NOT have 5K to bankroll their business…right? Anyways,

If you want my recommended training, click the ORANGE button to check it out…trust me when I say it will blow your mind.