Automated Cleaning Business Review (Mike Mak)

Mike Mak helps regular people set up a concept known as automated cleaning businesses without getting dirty. What’s funny is that many people call it the “Pick Up Cash, Not Trash” business. Mike Mak is a guy who has tried them all from Amazon FBA, Shopify drop shipping, and even digital marketing. So he got disheartened when he got NOWHERE after trying to build something special for so many years. Not to mention, he had a wife and kid and had to start earning some money quickly to support them, so he needed something right away…he just needed to make some money.

Well, here’s the cool thing now…what Mike came up with is just like any other successful internet business, meaning he gets paid every single month. His business is also a ‘high-ticket’ business, meaning he makes enormous amounts of money doing what he does. Plus, he gets a share of the profits from everyone else who is working with him…but not to worry, there is a lot of money to go around for everyone. With that said, Mike Mak has said the following “this business is very simple to setup because MOST of the work can be done from your home” And you can do it sitting on your sofa, so you don’t need an office, a work van, or fancy equipment, either.” With that said,

Mike Mak has developed a business model that doesn’t need months to set up because you DON’T need permits, etc. In fact, you can have your very own cleaning business set up in less than a week if you work hard. Now, Mike did exactly this and was earning money within 30 days. But the most challenging thing is getting your marketing together the first week and answering calls to land your first client. However, after your first client, the business builds itself because people talk and will refer you to other clients if you are doing a fantastic job. Remember, you are in a business that is time-tested and recession-proof.

Wealthy Janitorial Entrepreneur Coaching Program Review

Many entrepreneurs worry about a declining economy affecting their business, but you have nothing to worry about because people always need to have homes and offices cleaned…right? Also, I know your next question is: “I have no experience cleaning or anything.” Well, you won’t have to because when you have the business set up the RIGHT way, all you have to do is oversee the operations.

Ok, so I know you are dying to hear more about this business. Well, here is a quick break. It all comes down to landing clients, which can be difficult if you have no experience talking to people and selling products. But Mike and his wife have put together some out-of-the-box marketing strategies you can use to attract clients. These strategies help you land those high-end clients that’ll pay anywhere from $3- to $10,000 a month. That’s the sweet spot. Why? Because any lower than this and you will have low margins, ultimately making less profit. Also, another reason why high margins matter is that you need to hire good cleaners and pay them what they’re worth…right? This way they are happy and you are happy too!

Remember that finding great help with experience is NOT hard when you are $5k a month, right? Lots of people are willing to clean part-time for decent pay. Mike and his wife will show you where you can recruit the best cleaners with the MOST experience. Then, all that’s left is to automate and scale up. Mike Mak recommended promoting your best cleaner to the manager and letting them run the day-to-day. What does this do?

Everyone is happy, for example, your clients, your cleaners, your manager happy, and you, because you get a cut approx. 40% or so of everything that’s coming in…that’s insane…right? Think about it this way…

It’s all one account at a time, and soon you’ll be making thousands of dollars a month, all automated. If you want to learn more and feel Mike’s Automated Cleaning Business coaching program is your shortcut. Get started now and book a call to see what it costs.