Audiobook Income Academy 2.0 Review (Mikkelsen Twins)

You have two (2) guys named Mikkelsen and Christian, these twins who have been doing things online for several years. They now claim the best way to make money on Amazon is not through physical products. You see, this is the misconception people have about making money online, which is to keep selling physical products, but these two found a way to be more successful. So let’s find out what they have to say:

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 So, here’s the thing Christian says “you can do what I’m about to tell you with no upfront costs at all. You can also do this without spending too much time because of the four (4) step process we have in place, which can be repeated.”  So, here’s how to get started on Amazon without any technical skills needed, much money, and without investing any time of your own. Christian currently has a student named Patrick, who made 30K in profit within 30 days. I don’t know how believable this is, but I would like to give these guys the benefit of the doubt. These twins claim you can do the same by leveraging something on Amazon (which is a new platform). Now, here’s the cool thing…

Because this is a new platform, there is NOT a lot of competition right now, so you can quickly create a massive buzz (and money). So, Christian is encouraging you to click the button and register for free step-by-step training. He will show you hows it is done! So, here is what I decided to do…I registered.

The training starts with an enormous promise of making $5K per month and is the fastest way to do it. In addition, you require little effort because all the work will be done by someone else. So, here’s what you will be doing…

You will create audiobooks but outsource the entire process. You will own them and publish them on the Amazon Audible platform. Everyone loves books, and listening is the new reading. Whenever someone buys your Audible book, you get paid. The twins say when you compare this to selling products like millions of other people on Amazon, there is no comparison because it’s less competitive.


How do you find the best books to turn into audio? First, look at the current bestsellers list and make sure no audiobook has been created. Then, head to places like Fiverr, where freelancers will work for you for cheap (but quality). Trust me, sometimes an entire audiobook costs anywhere from $400 to $500. This is a fantastic price considering they are converting a 300 pages book into audio for you. You can then get someone on Fiverr again to create a cover for you and whatever else you need them to do. Then head over to Audible to get it listed and collect the checks.

Once you get used to the system, you can bundle your audiobooks into two (2). You can also rewrite each audiobook to repurpose it (ethically) on websites like Draft2Digital, PublishDrive, and IngramSpark. Ok, this sounds amazing, but here are two (2) concerns I have with what the Mikkelsen twins are promoting. First, they claimed no upfront costs, but you can tell you do have to invest some money upfront to get these books rewritten and narrated. Think about it: when you do the math, you spend at least $700 to complete each one. If you don’t do a quality job getting the books recorded, you will be spamming Amazon and can get your account banned. Your whole business will go down the drain if this happens…right?

So, I personally don’t feel right about this, but if this sounds interesting to you, then hit up the twins to find out more. The program is called Audiobook Income Academy 2.0. The cost is around $1,497 or three monthly installments of $797. Oh, you are protected by the 180-day profit guarantee: which is if you follow all the steps and don’t make at least $5k, you will get a full refund + $1,000 for them wasting your time. This still sounds like a lot of garbage to me. This is my opinion!