Audiobook Impact Academy Review (AIA)

Christian Mikkelsen has a twin brother Rasmus who focuses on teaching people how to make passive income every single month with a new app called Audible by Amazon. Their entire webinar explaining the program is two (2) hours and if you don’t have this kind of time to space, then here is what you need to know. Oh, if you want to watch the presentation, you can do it RIGHT here at: So, the system is a four (4) step program walking you through how to make money with audiobooks. And, you can outsource the entire process so you don’t need to write a book, design a cover, or do any voice over. So what do you learn inside the AIA IMPACT Academy? Well…

Christian and Rasmus will teach you how to get the RIGHT audiobook produced. By RIGHT, I mean a winning one! You will learn this process from A-Z and then be able to upload it to Audible, market the audiobook, and start collecting royalties from each sale. But, Christian and Rasmus have had some criticism because they make it seem fast and easy that anyone can do it. However, the actual business model is legit and you are allowed to make money doing things this way. But, it’s that people just don’t believe that it can be this easy especially when you have outsourced the entire process. But here’s the truth,

This program is the EXACT opposite of easy and you are required to put in some hard work to get the ball rolling. You see, their course, Audiobook Impact Academy training, costs $1,995. And if you are able to get 1 single audiobook done, live with some reviews, you are able to make some serious profits, but this process can be difficult at times. However, this is where Christian and Rasmus claim they jump in and get you over those obstacles. And, if you haven’t still gotten results, you are eligible to request a refund within the first six (6) months of trying the program. Now, before I continue, what is included in the Audiobook Impact Academy?

Rasmus Mikkelsen Review (Publishing Life)


You get the updated version of the AIA training and 3 live group coaching calls each week. You also get four one-on-one calls; access to the private AIA community where you can ask questions and get answers to your common questions. You also get access to the Audiobook Creator Vault which is valued at $500 and this is to be used on back-end purchases. Christian and Rasmus will also choose your first book topic for you so you are off to a flying start and also; a low-content kickstarter; $90k case studies; a special Profits Workshop; and the all exclusive Mikkelsen money-back guarantee!

The Mikkelsen twins like to flaunt the fact they have been seen on such publications like Forbes, Entrepreneur, Medium, Disrupt, and Side Hustle School. But, it’s important to mention that each of these publications were paid for. Also, these two have pushed hard at getting alot of social proof together because they know they have an army of cynics and skeptics to overcome. They have been aggressive with their YouTube ads over the couple years and have received a lot of views so have done a decent job. But, keep in mind that reviews can be manipulated easily if you have a team working for you. For example, marketing gurus can often pay team members and outsource 5-star reviews.

Now, I have even heard of how their students lie about their results so they can sell the product to other people and make some extra affiliate income on the side. Here’s what I recommend, you take everything you are learning about the program with a grain of salt…ok? They have even created a sales page on their website at with 20 pictures of students who’ve made at least $10,000 in a single month from this program. I’m not sure if these numbers are verified and how much the profit actually was so use this with a grain of salt too.

I hope you can see what I’m saying. Basically who cares if someone was able to earn  $15k in 30 days from royalties. I mean they probably had to spend $5,000 getting the books made and another $5,000 on the software, tools, and PPC ads for AdWords. The one concern I have is what will happen if Amazon decides to shut you down? This means your investment has gone down the drain  and this can take an emotional toll on you…right? Oh, by the way, this did happen to the  Mikkelsen  twins so they haven’t uploaded a book in years. So, what do you do now? Well, I have a better program for you, which I can My Favorite Program. Click the Orange button to find out more.