AstroFlipping Review (Jamil Damji) – Is This Legit?

Jamil Damji founded AstroFlipping and is known for running some of the funniest Facebook ads. His ads make fun of real estate agents while promoting his FREE case study. In this case study, he reveals how he scaled KeyGlee to 1-2 wholesale deals per day, which means, he claims, they are the number 1 wholesaler within the United States. The question now…, is he legit, and what else do you need to know about him? Also, how much does AstroFlipping cost? I will answer all these questions in my complete Astro Flipping review.

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When Jamil was starting, he was lucky to be doing 1-2 deals per month. I mean, this paid the bills and other stuff, but he wanted to do more. You see, Jamil had a growing family and was supporting his family, too, so he needed to do more than 1-2 deals per month. Let’s fast forward to today; now, these guys are doing 60-80 wholesale deals per month. Now, these guys are approaching 5000 deals per month, equaling approximately $300000+ per month. (this is insane money)

Jamil claims he does all of these deals without spending money on advertising. He also says the traditional method, when people would buy properties, fix and flip them, is obsolete. You see, you can do so much more with the new technology out there. In other words, the game has changed. You must evolve with the times, or you will be left behind. So, the magic question is: What is the new way of wholesaling that Jamil is talking about? What is Jamil’s method of staying ahead of the competition? Well, it’s called AstroFlipping.

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Now, Jamil reiterates what’s fantastic about this training is that you don’t have to spend money on marketing. It’s set up in a way where all the leads come to you (crazy, right). Jamil then says, “You can keep closing deals and don’t have to take calls or even negotiate with sellers and/or buyers. This means you will be able to do a lot of deals per month with checks just coming in.” (sounds too good to be confirmed). Anyways, Jamil says his method is stress-free and gives you peace of mind which is very important. So anyways, let’s explore what the steps are…

The first step is to pick an excellent market. The cool thing is you don’t have to choose one where you are located because this business is done remotely. The key is to choose a location known as “metro” with a population of 500000 or more. Next, choose a market which has been going up in the past 3-5 years. And, most importantly, you don’t have to worry about the competition. Jamil says the more wholesalers in that area, the better because this shows there is money to be made in that location. After, set up your business, choose a logo, and get your brand going.

Next, you also want to apply the proper disclosures…whatever this means. Then, create an automated back-end system and locate some strategic third-party vendors. But don’t worry; Jamil says he will teach you all this through his AstroFlipping training program. Now, the main thing is the pitch, and Jamil says he will help you implement everything. All you have to do is apply for his AstroFlipping mentoring. Anyways, what are other people saying about this training of his?

Currently, Jamil’s AstroFlipping training has a B+ rating on the Better Business Bureau (BBB). And, what is impressive is that his training only has one complaint in the last three years. I also did some more research skimming through forums and Reddit, and people say many positive things, for example, that Jamil runs a quality program, etc. AstroFlipping has many levels, and you can join any of them; however, to find out more, you have to book a call with Jamil’s team. The team will go into detail regarding their strategy and how much it costs to get started. In addition, you should ask a few questions: If you don’t like networking, can you still make money? What about the legal aspect of the deals?

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