The In-Demand Business Analyst Review – Is It Legit?

Everyone wants to know – Can someone who is a business analyst or scrum master…can they land a 6-figure job in the next 90 days. Can they land this job guaranteed without paying for another stupid certification or applying for hundreds of more jobs? Well, according to the following ITCareers4U, they believe you can because dozens of high-profile companies are knocking on their door looking for people to hire. They are looking to hire professionals, and some of these companies are Morgan Stanley, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Delta Airlines, and more.

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I watched their ad lately, and some dude asks, “Do you want help upgrading your skills and boosting your IT career into a 6-figure business role? Do you want to make this money working as a business analyst or scrum master for a high-profile company?” Then, finally, the guy asks if you want this type of job guaranteed in the next 90 days WITHOUT obtaining another certification or even applying for hundreds of jobs. If so, the person talking says that they take you through real-life projects from start to finish, so you know what types of projects fortune 500 companies want you to complete for them. In addition, this training will give you some real-life experience so you will be ready to ace your interview and stand out compared to other applicants.

The dude in the video says, “we will teach you how to seamlessly negotiate a six-figure starting salary which will allow you to make more than any other employee on your level. Oh, we support you for another 30 days, so you have the foundation to be set up for success. The goal is to ensure you don’t feel undervalued and, in the end, can add another $30k, $50k, or even $100k to your current salary. The MOST important thing is you will be doing a job that you love…does this interest you? If it does, I would like to introduce you to Sarabjit Dahyia…she’s in the picture above.”

Sarabjit is a consultant and mentor trusted by Fortune 500 companies like Citigroup, Morgan Stanley and Metlife. Sarabjit has also led multimillion-dollar IT projects for the state of California. Currently, she is helping around 200 IT professionals land major IT contracts with some of the MOST respected companies worldwide. So how is she doing this? Well, through a program called the 90-Day Fast-Track Formula. Once people are inside, members will LEARN a simple three (3) step formula to land their dream job and get paid what they’re worth in this booming IT industry.

1st Day/Week as Business Analyst - In-Demand BA with Sarabjit Dahyia -  YouTube


You see, people have to realize something, many of these top companies have loads of applicants who apply for their job postings, but none of them are worth the high salary. So, the 90-Day Fast-Track Formula will ensure you are worth the money by ensuring you have what these companies are looking for. The fantastic thing (these guys claim) is that it shrinks the time it takes to become a business analyst or scrum master from a whopping 5–7 years to just 90 days (really?). The key, these guys say, is that you don’t need more certifications because you are just like everyone else….right? Instead, you need to be a specialist in what you do! It may work if you want to get your foot in the door, but the transition to a higher position is slow and will take time. In the end, who wants to grind like an animal, get paid nothing for years, and not get any respect either…right?

I know many who lie on their resumes saying they have experience with this or that to get into these companies. However, this all backfires when they don’t know what they are doing on the job. Many of you who choose to lie won’t even make it past the interview because you have no idea how to answer when asked a bunch of questions. You see, recruiters network and talk to each other, so if you are someone who lies, you will be blocklisted from ever applying to a Fortune 500 company again. So, in the end, it’s best to focus on the three (3) things that would matter MOST…let’s explore them…

First, you need relevant experience and the RIGHT skills. Second, you have to ace the interview. Third, companies want someone who can show they are a leader and can perform at peak performance from day one! Now, the

90-Day Fast-Track Formula will ensure you are covered from day one after becoming a member. However, there is no mention of cost, so you must arrange a call to LEARN more. Let’s check out testimony from “Sarabjit is a fantastic teacher, coach, and mentor,” write Victor. He continues, “she is very good at breaking down the information so you understand it. I would recommend anyone to join Sarabjit and make sure she is the one mentoring you.” Now, to learn more about my favourite way to make money online, click the button…

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