AMZ Elite Masterclass Review (Benjamin Tan)

Benjamin has talked about the pandemic and how it affected many people. However, he has stated, “I feel bad for the people who have lost their jobs, but I feel a sense of relief for my students who were able to launch their Amazon store and are making money from it. This income is supporting them during the pandemic.” I guess he means that many people are now shopping online because of the pandemic, and his students are cashing in. Benjamin is also extremely grateful for his position because a few years ago, he struggled pretty severely. (you see, he was in real estate).

Benjamin has always been an entrepreneur. While being a real estate agent, he and his wife also ran a brick-and-mortar “escape room” business. Here’s the thing “If I didn’t transition into selling on Amazon, I could have lost most of the money I made.” says Benjamin. He then says not to let that happen to you, and it’s not too late to get into the action… Here’s why.

Consider it this way; Amazon has more than 200 million monthly visitors. Also, the fear of exposure to covid still does exist in society, so people are still actively shopping online (primarily Amazon). And why not? Amazon offers some of the best prices, and people are used to shopping online now…they have been doing it full force for two (2) years…right? So, Benjamin says, “Jump in a get a sweet portion of the online pie.” Now,

This is where the AMZ Elite Masterclass comes in. This is a course created by Benjamin to teach you the step-by-step process of how to be successful on Amazon. The best thing he says about his course is, “You don’t need any previous experience, technician skills, or need to invest huge sums of money to get started with what I am going to teach you.” You will also learn a closely guarded secret that has allowed Benjamin to source profitable products and scale his business consistently. The cool thing is he will show you how to do all this while Amazon FBA takes care of all the storage, packaging, and shipping. Now, here’s the cool thing…

After checking out Benjamin’s background and track record selling on Amazon, it seems like a safe investment. I also checked out his AMZ Elite Masterclass training and like what I have seen. You can learn a lot if this is something you are interested in (I mean ecommerce). However, I encourage you to check out my other review on Tom Wang’s FBA Masterclass because this is another excellent Amazon FBA training. But, here are some concerns I do have…

Benjamin Tan - Co-Founder - Curasia Endoscopy | LinkedIn


First, with everything happening worldwide and the continued covid restrictions, I don’t know how comfortable I feel sourcing products from China. Why? I would feel worried about the delays in shipping, the product quality, the inconsistency that can happen because of factories closing down, etc. I’m sure you will have some shipping limitations, too, like locations China cannot ship to anymore. Don’t forget the political issues going on between China and some of the other countries. Anyways,

Also, another concern I have is your ability to fake reviews on Amazon to boost your store. For example, you can easily have your friends write reviews for your store…right? I wouldn’t do that because it’s wrong and can get your store banned from Amazon for good. Now, I want to give Benjamin the benefit of the doubt because I am not entirely sure what he teaches inside the AMZ Elite Masterclass and if he has some different strategies that no one else is teaching or using. With that said,

Finally, I have to say I have been involved with ecommerce (dropshipping) before, and no matter what everyone says, you need a chunk of money to invest. Think about it; you need money to purchase inventory to send to Amazon for fulfillment. This can easily cost $10k to $15…right? Also, you will have to pay Benjamin for his training which I’m sure will cost something, and the upsells along the way. I can also think of other fees like advertising, software, and tools…lol. So you need to consider ecommerce and whether it’s worth the investment. If not, check out my favourite training by clicking the orange button. You are going to love it!

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