Amazon Delivery Service Partner Review

amazon delivery partner van

Amazon delivers millions of packages daily, and its business model is simple: low prices, lightning-fast fulfillment, and speedy delivery. But, for Amazon to do what they do, they need your help to keep up with these standards daily. This is especially concerning delivery, so Amazon is always looking for people who want to start their businesses. These people must be “customer-obsessed” and those always looking to scale their business from day one (1). So, they have something called the Delivery Service Partner (DSP) program to help people get started.  You may be wondering: What are your duties? What’s it cost? How much can you make?

The Delivery Service Partner program, also called the DSP, requires you to recruit, hire, and train a team of 40 to 100 high-performing individuals. The people will share a fleet of 30 vans to deliver Amazon products to customers in your region. Don’t worry; Amazon will be responsible for the infrastructure, logistics, processes, and more. They will even guide and train you every step of the way until you are ready to take over. They will even help you with uniforms, hand-held devices, and vehicle insurance policies. So, think about it this way:

You are a coach, and this is your team. The essential aspect of the business you oversee is recruiting and keeping those SOLID drivers on your team happy, so they will continue to provide the type of service Amazon aspects from all of you. If you are someone who can do this, then you will have the opportunity to hire more people, deliver more packages, and grow your business. Now, I know you are wondering about start-up costs…right?

Well, you must register and get a license within your STATE. This process may require paying a lawyer and getting an account to take care of all the money you will bring in. Next, there will be upfront costs for software, tools, and recruiting costs such as job postings, background checks, drug screening, and driver training. There may be some travel expenses, too, along the way. Finally, the monthly costs of wages; payroll; benefits; insurance; vehicle maintenance, and repairs. Amazon has stated the following: “plan on having at least $10k to launch”

Now, Amazon is very tight-lipped about how much you can make with the Delivery Service Partner program (DSP). However, after some research, I found that when they first came out with this opportunity, they had stated you CAN expect to make anywhere from $1 million to $4.5 million per year with a net profit of potential of $75,000 to $300,000. Obviously, you can NEVER give people a guarantee of profit; no business can; however, the potential is unless with the right coaching and team.

However, here’s the thing:

Making $300,000 doesn’t sound bad when you hear about it, but you are putting in a lot of work. Think about it, you are in charge of up to 100 employees and have to worry about driver safety, making sure deliveries are on time, finding new employees continuously, and other logistical headaches. Not to mention, Amazon doesn’t have the BEST reputation for the way they treat their affiliates and third-party sellers

So, the more I investigate this program and read reviews online, the more I don’t like what I hear. For example, some people say that Amazon has branded this as “your very own business,” but when you read the fine print, you LEARN that Amazon monitors everything. Crazy right? They put cameras in the front of every van so they can spy on drivers 24/7. I mean, they say it’s for a safety thing, but whatever. Also, some reviews have said they are constantly changing the terms, operating costs, and taking more and more profit each time…so this may NOT sound like the BEST program for you…however