Alex Hormozi Sold Everything (Here’s Why)…Amazing…

Can you believe Alex Hormozi sold about three (3) of his businesses for around sixty (60) million? For some reason, he decided to get rid of some exotic cars. He even sold his residence, a $4 million dollar mansion in Austin, Texas. However, he held on to his business,, but had no other material possessions. I guess the question is, why did he decide to do this, and how has his life changed after deciding to get rid of material goods? Well, keep reading to find out…

Alex says, “When I had all these things, I felt super heavy because all these material goods were taking too much of my attention. I had to pay for upkeep and other things…what a headache.” He says that he is someone who has always believed in seasons. For example, one for his college phase, one for his gym phase, then e-learning to push services to people. Now I’m in something called the consulting phase. It’s amazing. But what does this have to do with getting rid of his thing?

I guess he is trying to say that this is another phase of his. He is married to Leila, and they have decided to sell everything to travel the world together. Sometimes they want to backpack so they can find somewhere else to live and think about stuff like If they want to buy a home or rent. Or like buy a car or again just rent one? After thinking about it, the cool thing is that leasing the things you need in life has its advantages. For example, you can quickly switch things up whenever you want. But, on the other hand, you miss the stability of being in one place like your home, neighbours, etc. Oh, let’s not forget the relationships you build when you are in just one place…right?

This is where Alex laughs and says, “I’ve done something completely weird because I went from having everything to having nothing, so I guess the real answer would be to find something right in the middle. Maybe owning 2-3 homes with all your stuff so you can go when you want would be the best option for me.” (I can understand that). This model will allow him to have somewhat stability, but he can change it up when he feels like it. Let’s continue,

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Alex makes a great point when he says it’s human nature to adapt. For example, you buy a massive home with an excellent view and are in awe for about 3-4 weeks. Then, over the next few months, it is normal for you to start to get bored, and what you have doesn’t impress you anymore. After all of this, you end up right where you started. “For me, materialism is negative, and I mean a total waste because you will get bored with what you have sooner or later. It’s a total waste, and I don’t care about the status at all,” says Alex.

The funny thing is I did some research and learned Alex and his wife Leila just put eight figures on a mountaintop mansion….isn’t that unbelievable? I guess Alex knows the buzz will be gone within a few months, and they’ll be right where they started. “It will be work season for me soon, so I’ll focus on nothing but my company So, in the end, all I’ll need for this season is an office, a studio or whatever to be efficient with my business,” says Alex. With that said,

Another thing I like about Alex’s mentality is the fact he believes so much in the following – In with the new…out with the old. When he gets a new article of clothing, he has a deal with himself that something of less utility has to go no matter what. (I like this). “Doing this ensures that my items remain the same. However, the useability keeps going higher,” says Alex. It’s all about optimizing your lifestyle and making it better…right? When you keep shifting things, you keep optimizing to make better decisions. Ultimately, this clears up your focus, helping you make better decisions. Better decisions in business mean more money…YES!

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