Adam Cherrington Affiliate Arbitrage Review

In his most recent YouTube ad, Adam Cherrington says you can easily make 400K+ in affiliate commission in just six (6) days. (ya right). Not only that, the money you earn will be at a 40% profit margin without using any of the big ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Amazon, and even Facebook. So, what is his goal? Adam says he wants to teach fifty (50) motivated, super affiliates what he knows this year. Can you be one of them? Let’s find out…scroll down for my Adam Cherrington review.

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So, I watched Adam’s ad and signed up for his free workshop. While watching the video, Adam talks about his experience and how he spent 30 million on paid ads over the last 3-years. His return was about a third of that which is still enormous money…right? What’s better is that he could do all this as a super affiliate. This means he did not have to create and market his own products or services. This means no shipping, inventory, or customer support. He didn’t even have to be too technical.

Now, another incredible thing that Adam loves is that he gets to work from home. He loves waking up and spending time with his family, which I know is essential to many people. So, Adam logged into his main affiliate account over at The Affiliati Network and provided proof that he is the real deal. He brought up one of his accounts which showed that from 2016 to 2019, he had just under three million in revenue. (Very impressive). Then, his ad or presentation cuts to the training given in the past for a program called Inbox2020, which was confusing and completely outdated.

So, now Adam lays out the big picture telling you what he does…it’s called Affiliate Arbitrage. What is this? Well, he’ll promote something like a weight loss supplement that pays you $60 per sale, then run some paid traffic to the offer. Adam claims the ads will cost him anywhere from $30-$40 to generate an order. In the end, Adam keeps the difference which is around $20.00. Oh, Adam says the health niche is the best because this is a massive industry, and people buy almost immediately. It’s an industry you can easily scale quickly too.  Anyways, I want to know…who are the people I would be selling to? Adam says you have to do some research, but I can tell you the best are women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s because they spend big money in this niche. Now, what about traffic…what kind works the best? Adam says email lists are the best, but these are not lists he builds at all because he utilizes other people’s lists (marketers). There are millions of online marketers who are more than willing to run an email blast for you if you pay them the right price. When you pay marketers and use their list, you can get away with much more, unlike on social media, which can ban your ads whenever they want to.

Adam Cherrington Review (Affiliate Marketing)


Here’s another great tip from Adam…always test your offer with an inexpensive email list, and when you succeed, you can invest in a larger, more expensive one. Adam mentioned that you should outsource your design; for example, have someone design your landing page, outreach, etc. You can find some people to freelance in the Philippines. These people will do your entire design for pennies, and you get some that look amazing and convert exceptionally well.

Toward the end of the video, Adam has you undergo a screening test to ensure you are the right fit for his training. You will need around ten thousand dollars to get started, and I understand how that price will be a deal-breaker for many people. Personally, affiliate marketing is a fantastic business, and Adam has done extremely well, but can you have the same success? You have to remember that Adam has been doing this for years and has the money to invest. You might not…right?

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