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I Just Want Real (Seriously)

When I first started exploring business opportunities…I was getting sick of searching for something real.

In all fairness, this industry is simply like that.

I saw all the ads from all the gurus spilling all their ‘secrets.’ 

Sitting through 2-hour ‘masterclasses’ only to find out I knew even less than when I started.

Simple, ‘push-button’ processes that in no way was an accurate representation of what I had to do.

I’ve seen and tried it all.

Affiliate marketing. Great…’ passive’ income that requires me to invest a ton of time and money in marketing for commissions that ultimately pay me pennies once everything is said and done.

Ecommerce. Shopify, Amazon, Etsy…all these businesses that require me to sell cat necklaces for the privilege of dealing with rising ad costs, inventory, and customer service on the daily, all while pocketing thin profit margins.

I was so sick of it.

But then, in my last ditch effort to find a real business, I was exposed to something that surprisingly…worked lol.

It made sense and was a REAL business.

In fact, you can actually go get a job right now working for one of these businesses, and that made me feel pretty good about it. 

Once I did a little bit more research, I realized it was hands down the best type of business to start in terms of a real business with tons of upside, and you wouldn’t be ashamed of telling people you do lol. 

I think it’s worth checking out at least:



P.S. – I think we can all agree any real business involves real work. Keep that in mind as you watch this short video from my mentor.