The 30-Day Deal Challenge (Cody Sperber)

Cody Sperber is considered an extremely clever investor because he can show you how to flip a house, get paid and do this in less than 30 days. Not only that, this is even possible even if you are working a full-time job or busy doing other things which take up much time throughout the day. As a matter of fact, Cody claims that he has helped countless people achieve these results and has changed their world financially. However, he says he can also show you how to do it. But, here’s the catch, as he puts it: “If I am going to help you and give you the support and tools you need to get started, then you have to take my advice and immediate action.” Cody is ready to get started right now…

First, we all know how real estate can make people more wealthy quicker than any other industry out there. But here’s the thing, making money through real estate investing is NOT easy because then everyone would be rich…right? However, Cody Sperber says that this process does NOT have to be complicated, and how he teaches his students to do it is like nothing you have ever seen before. So, now that I know you have a handful of concerns and objections let’s cover them right now. First, you don’t need any money or good credit to start. As a matter of fact, you don’t even need a lot of time. And, if you think you need special skills or education…then you are wrong about this too. All you need to do RIGHT now is make a commitment for the next 30 days and let Cody guide the way. If you do, you can be inside a Chase bank cashing a cheque in the next 30 days. Oh, and one more thing, you can even take advantage of his advice without having to buy a house or do any construction.


Cody Sperber - Trendsetters


Cody says, “you can get paid in 30 days or even less. All you need is a laptop and internet access so you can login to surf the internet”. Cody claims the last house that he flipped was done in a few hours, and he made $10,000 and only did minimal work. He also did another deal and picked up a check for $7,298 from a  title company in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. This deal in Arizona he also did in a few hours and did it from his laptop without seeing the property…how amazing is that?

Cody has been a real estate pro since the age of 14, and he’s done it all. He has tried a lot of strategies but claims that nothing works better than this one. He has perfected this strategy, so it works, and that’s the bottom line. By the way, this is the strategy he wants to teach you. When you start, it will be known as the 30-Day Deal Challenge. Now, if you are still unsure about how someone can flip a property without any money or even good credit, Cody says it’s all about learning the process of control. It’s not easy, but the process is simple. It’s about control which means finding “control” and flipping the property. Now, 
This is the EXACT same system that Cody Sperber has applied to the 1000+ deals he has closed over his lifetime. Here’s the process:

Step 1: Find motivated sellers that are people who are motivated to sell at a discounted price because of their situation. Cody claims that about 5% of people like this are selling now. It’s sad, but some people are willing to sell immediately because of a job loss, divorce, failed partnership, relocation, etc. You can find these people using the out-of-the-box marketing methods introduced by Cody. For example, his Magic Bullet Postcards (lol). This one is special; he uses it to reach these people to see if they are interested in an all-cash offer. Now, here’s the thing,

If he can find these people and they are interested, Step 2 is to get them to sign an ironclad contract, which you will receive from Cody himself. Then comes Step 3: talk to landlords and rehabbers to find out if they are interested. If they are, you pay the property owner $5,000-$10,000 and pocket the difference after selling it to them. It’s a win-win because the seller needs money immediately, the buyer gets a home they can fix and sell, and you profit from the transaction. This was, in essence, a quick flip fee that you got for connecting the buyer and seller. So, take Cody’s 30-Day Deal Challenge (it’s just a one-time cost/fee of $97) and to fill in the gaps, wait to receive info on the upsells. If this seems all too much for you, click the Orange Button to learn more about my other favorite program.