123 Profit Review (Aidan Booth)

Have you run into someone who is always selling new money-making opportunities every week? Well, let me tell you about a guy named Aidan Booth. I personally think he has no shame because he is exactly that type of guy selling these types of programs. The program he is selling this time is called 123Profit. Aiden says, “this is the MOST hands-off business I have seen in 15+ years, and it’s creating massive opportunities for business people. Oh, and it’s a three (3) system…so very simple to use”.

Aiden claims he has made thousands of dollars using this 123 Profit system…so I wonder why share it with others. Well, he claims that this system will generate a lot of money for everyone and their so much money to go around, so let’s help some people. Can you believe he is saying that he recently did something like 45K in a single day? I don’t know if I believe it, but I continued to research his business model a bit more. I want to know if this system is real and if the numbers are accurate. Now, he changes his pitch by saying that not everyone will make this kind of money, but a majority will. As a matter of fact, his business partner Steve Clayton has, which I would expect to because they are both crooks. Anyway, let’s move on.

Aiden is so confident that he says come on in and check it out; you can even copy him…he does not mind because there is so much money to go around. So, first, this is NOT an eCommerce business which some may believe because he did have some before and sold it for a lot of money. The eCommerce business he had before kept no inventory, no customer service taking calls, and most of all, no headache.

Aidan Booth, online entrepreneur and property investor - Weimin Tan Blog


Now, the program that Aiden is promoting is the same, and it allows him to make money from websites with only 27 words on them which is insane, but I don’t believe it. Aiden says the SECRET is to be able to send traffic to these websites. However, to learn more about the three (3) step process, you will have to get his 123Profit book. In the book, he claims to lay out the entire process from zero to thousands of dollars per day….ya right!!!!

So, if you believe any of what he is saying, then Aiden wants you to enter your email and name so that Steve can contact you to sell you this get-rich offer. And if you take advantage of this offer now, Aiden will enter your name into a draw to WIN $5,000 in cash. But remember, this is a draw, and only if you buy his book, so this can also be a scam where he doesn’t even add your name to the draw…right?

Anyways, suppose you want my personal opinion. In that case, there are programs I recommend, like the one you’ll find if you click the orange button. However, there are also some programs I would say you should stay away from, and this is one of them. Aiden has not done enough to prove he is legit and if it sounds too good to be true…it is most likely. Anyways, you can still do your research and then move forward, but if you do, you should move slowly.