10x Fitness Review (Mindvalley)

Vishen Lakhiani is the type of guy who has a masterclass on everything. For example, one of his masterclasses is the 10x Fitness program, and Mindvalley (the name of the company) has been running YouTube ads on this for some time. This training is taught by Lorenzo Delano and Ronan Diego De Oliveira. In one of the ads I’ve been watching, Vishen shows off his 73-year-old dad, who can lift more on his legs by an astounding 75% in just one month. This strength comes from what he has been doing in the 10x fitness program. They have a considerable claim: “You can build a superhero body in just 30 minutes of exercise per week. Do you think this is too good to be true? (I think it is) And I’m sure you guys also want to know how much does it cost? Read on for my Mindvalley 10x workout review.

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Ok, let’s get started. On Vishen’s 14th birthday, he looked at himself in the mirror and was completely ashamed by what he saw. Why? He had been completely neglecting his body, which he could see when looking in the mirror. The funny thing is, this guy was working out about two (2) hours per week on average and was pretty good which his nutrition. He tried several diets without having success with any of them. Nothing seems to work! Vishen thought to let his body be the way it was because he was a hard-working CEO recently divorced with two (2) kids, so a dad’s body isn’t all that bad…right? But then everything changed for him when he met Lorenzo (chief of transformation at Mindvalley). Here’s what happened next…

The first thing Vishen noticed was Lorenzo’s remarkable physique. Vishen had to know how he achieved this, so he asked him what’s his secret and was shocked by Lorenzo’s answer. He said the following: “I work out only 30 minutes per week,” Now, of course, Vishen didn’t believe him, but Lorenzo showed him some pictures from three (3) years ago *before and after) and Visen hopped on board and followed Lorenzo step-by-step. The outcome was terrific: Vishen lost two (2) percent of his body fat in one month. The cool thing is the results lasted longer than expected (a year and a half), and Vishen has been following the routine, getting leaner and more muscular. Vishen claims all it takes is two (2) fifteen-minute weekly workouts. You can do these workouts in the gym or even at home. What’s the secret? Its multiple scientific discoveries combined into what is now called the 10x Fitness Program. Vishen decided to recruit another Mindvalley employee, Brazilian Ronan Oliveira, to help host the workouts. Lorenzo and Ronan have worked together to hyper-optimize the sessions so that you get 10x the results with each workout. Ok, so…

10x Fitness Review (Mindvalley)


It doesn’t matter if you are a male or female; your age doesn’t matter either because this 10x workout is the MOST powerful thing you can do right now for yourself. What are the results that people are achieving…well,

Mindvalley determined that in just 30 days, people under thirty have seen an average of 26% strength gain following the 10x protocol. Those aged thirty to fifty see an average 50% jump in their strength, and what’s fantastic is that those over 50 see even more!

The Mindvalley 10x workout has been tested for years and fine-tuned, spending thousands of hours. It’s now ready for the world, Lorenzo claims. The training claims it can help change your body in 30 minutes a week. In terms of the cost, the 10x workout has a one-time charge of $399, or you can make 3 x monthly payments of $149. One more option is a Mindvalley Membership for $499 a year to unlock all the other Mindvalley systems, courses, and masterclasses. Anyways, I would like to hear more about the diet. You would assume that with only 30 min of active calorie burning per week, your food intake would have to be flawless to achieve the results you want to achieve…right? But check out the claim these guys are making…

Mindvalley pushes its marketing in the ads by saying that with solid training and following the scheduled routine, you can achieve your desired results regardless of your nutrition/diet…lol (that’s an insane claim). Do your due diligence and read your reviews before starting any workout plan.

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