0-100K System Review (Alison J Prince)

Do you think right now will be an excellent time to start eCommerce? According to Alison J. Prince, right now would be the BEST time to start. Alison claims she taught her two young daughters, aged 10 and 13, how to sell products through eCom, and they went on to make six (6) figures…insane…right? Alison claims she can help you do the same by helping you start and scale your own online eCommerce business so you have a safety net of income every month. If you have no previous experience and are clueless about the entire process…not worry because Alison can help. Read my $0-100K review.

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First, a little background…

Alison started her ecom journey ten years ago to earn extra money for her growing family. She first started selling some leftover crafts sitting around her home. “I was surprised when I sold them all,”  says Alison. After she saw her success, she was hooked and wanted to continue what she had going. After, Alison went on to start and scale four (4) more eCommerce businesses, all while at home sitting on her sofa…how amazing is this? Where is she today?

Alison says, “My process has been perfected and works perfectly because of the rise in online shoppers.” She believes if she and her daughters can do it…then you should have no problems doing it. Here comes the sales pitch…introducing the 0-100K System: This training is a 6-week walkthrough video course which includes complete support with cheat sheets and even a private Facebook group.

Now, the cost of the entire program is $997 (one-time fee). However, you can split the payment in four (4) of $299, and you have two (2) weeks afterwards to apply for a refund if you are unhappy with the training. “If you have 2 hours to spend a day..that’s all the effort you would have to put in daily.”  People’s question: Should you invest in Alison and her training?

Why? Because WE Can! | Alison J Prince


It’s all about preference and what you want to do online. If you have always had your heart set on starting an eCom shop, Alison and her system may be the right choice. You can also feel good about knowing that you are learning from Alison (an expert in this industry who practices what she preaches). The key is to be ready to get yourself ready for this training. You have to be focused 100% to succeed. Remember, you will be investing around 1K into this training and will need money for inventory, advertising and more. It seems like this would be quite a bit of an investment. The other thing is this that worries…

If you invest all this money into your business and lose focus, then money’s down the drain. Or, if your business doesn’t get any traction and you’re left with thousands of dollars of inventory…then what? It’s an investment gone bad…right? Don’t forget that with eCom, you are responsible for shipping, packages, and returns from customers, which can all end up cutting into your bottom line. For this reason, I would stay away from the eCom business because the loss can be extremely high and not everyone has money they can afford to waste away.

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